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Wedding Tropics – The Affordable and Personalized Wedding Planning Site

Wedding Tropics is a wedding planning site that offers affordable and personalised packages for couples. The website allows for the creation of your own unique package that fits your budget and your needs, letting you know how much will be saved over the course of the year from both traditional wedding planning and other lifestyle costs.

What is Wedding Tropics?

Wedding Tropics is a website that specializes in affordable and personalized wedding planning. With over 7,000 weddings under its belt, the site has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience to help couples plan their dream weddings on a budget.

One of the highlights of Wedding Tropics is its comprehensive wedding planning toolkit. This includes templates for all sorts of wedding paperwork, as well as tips and advice on everything from location scouting to etiquette. Couples can also use the toolkit to create custom proposals, invitations, and other wedding details.

Another key feature of Wedding Tropics is its extensive online forum. This is where couples can ask questions and share advice with fellow planners. It’s also a great place to find deals and discounts on wedding services and supplies.

Overall, Wedding Tropics is an affordable and helpful resource for couples looking to get married on a budget. It’s packed with information and resources, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get started planning their dream wedding.

Who should use this service?

Wedding Tropics is the perfect destination for couples looking to have a personalized wedding planning experience. Whether you are a first time bride or have been married before, our team of experienced planners will work with you to create a unique and affordable wedding plan that meets your needs.

We offer a variety of services that can help make your wedding day everything you dreamed of. From DIY weddings to Destination weddings, we have something for everyone. Plus, our personalized service ensures that your wedding will be as unique as you are!

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your dream wedding with Wedding Tropics today!

How does it work?

Wedding Tropics is an affordable and personalized wedding planning site that allows couples to plan their wedding without having to spend a fortune. Wedding Tropics offers a variety of customizable packages that allow couples to choose the services and amenities they need without feeling limited. Couples can also choose to have their wedding planner help them personalize their plans, adding unique touches that will make their wedding unique.

Wedding Tropics also offers a variety of unique wedding planning tips and resources. The site includes articles on topics such as budgeting for your wedding, selecting the right vendors, and creating a timeline. Additionally, Wedding Tropics has an active forum where couples can ask questions and share advice with one another.


When planning your wedding, it is important to find a site that can offer affordable and personalized services. Wedding Tropics is just that site! They have a wide selection of wedding planners and vendors to choose from, as well as an easy-to-use website. Plus, they offer great deals on certain packages, making weddings affordable for everyone!


Wedding Tropics is the perfect site for budget-minded couples who want to have a personalized wedding planning experience. From customized invitations and save the dates to affordable floral arrangements and honeymoon packages, Wedding Tropics has everything you need to plan your dream wedding without breaking the bank. Plus, their team of experienced planners are available 24/7 to help make your big day as stress-free as possible. Thanks for choosing Wedding Tropics!

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