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W&C Brothers Painters Exterior Painters in Marietta, GA

W&C Brothers Painters of Marietta, GA offers top-of-the-line exterior painting services designed to increase curb appeal while safeguarding properties in Marietta. Their experienced team is committed to providing outstanding exterior painting solutions that beautify while safeguarding properties – with strong commitments towards quality, detail, customer satisfaction, and exceeding client expectations, W&C Brothers has become a highly-respected name within their field. In this comprehensive guide we explore why W&C Brothers is Marietta’s go-to choice when it comes to exterior painting needs – how our services transform homes!

Why Select W&C Brothers Painters?

W&C Brothers Painters of Marietta has long been recognized for our team of highly trained and experienced painters. We offer exterior painting projects of any scale for residential homes as well as commercial properties in Georgia’s climate; no challenge is too great. Our exterior painters in Marietta, GA can work with materials including wood, stucco brick and more for seamless results every time! Our staff understand the challenges presented when working in Georgia’s climate as they’ve done it themselves! Our expertise includes handling unique challenges of Georgia weather conditions while being equipped to manage them seamlessly with no issue whatsoever! Our painters know just what materials work when painting exteriors; no challenge remains at W&C Brothers Painters! 

Our expertise 

Covers wide-ranging exterior painting jobs from homes and businesses – residential to commercial projects of various scale. Our services go well beyond expectations with excellent finishes each time from residential home exterior painting jobs on commercial properties to industrial ones – every time! Our painters specialize in working on exterior painting jobs from residential houses or commercial properties while taking advantage of Georgia weather challenges when painting exterior painting jobs such as wooden paint jobs on exterior properties both interior or exterior painting job required exterior painting jobs within Georgia climate challenges associated with exterior painting; this team knows all its unique challenges that comes along with exterior painting outside. Our skilled painters specialize in all manner of exterior painting project types from residential home painting jobs done inside Georgia climate challenges such as wood, stucco brick projects to finish quality every project completed flawless finishes every time with quality finish every time guaranteed flawless.

At W&C Brothers Painters, quality begins with our materials. That is why we source only top-of-the-line paints and coatings from reliable manufacturers to meet Marietta’s harsh weather conditions like humidity, rain and intense sunlight. By selecting top of-the-line materials we ensure your exterior paint job will not only look stunning but last years into the future!

W&C Brothers Painters provides comprehensive exterior painting services in Marietta, GA to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Whether they need new home interior or exterior painting done, deck staining services or power washing done, W&C Brothers has you covered with services including;

Exterior House Painting Services:

 Let our professional house painters enhance the exterior appearance of your home with exterior house painting services from us! We use only top quality primer and paint for lasting and stunning results that last.

Deck and Fence Staining Services:

 Protect and improve the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces with our deck and fence staining services, featuring premium stains designed to resist fading and wear over time, so your deck or fence remains looking its best for years! We make use of only top-of-the-line stain products so they look their best year after year.

Power Washing Services: 

Give your surfaces an updated appearance or get ready to paint them with our power washing services, which remove dirt, mildew and grime for an outdoor surface that’s both ready for painting or just needs refreshing! We remove dirt, mildew and grime leaving exterior surfaces ready for new life and painting projects alike.

Trim and Siding Painting:

 At our company, our expert painters pay careful attention to every detail when painting trim and siding on homes. This allows them to ensure uniform and precise results that enhance the overall appearance of each residence they complete work for.

Garage Door Painting Services: Upgrade the look and functionality of your garage doors with our professional painting services! We use durable paints that withstand daily use while looking their best.

At W&C Brothers Painters, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We take the time to fully comprehend your vision and collaborate closely throughout every stage of the process; from initial consultation through final walk-through. We prioritize open communications and transparency throughout so as to exceed customer expectations with results they love!

W&C Brothers Painters strives to make top-quality exterior painting services accessible for everyone. That is why they provide competitive pricing without compromising on quality; providing comprehensive quotes so our clients know exactly what is expected and aim to provide outstanding value in return for their investments.

W&C Brothers Painters Process.

Initial Consultation

At our exterior painting process, the initial consultation meeting is the cornerstone. Here, we discuss your preferences, budget, timeline and surfaces in great detail while offering recommendations based on what we find based on inspection results. This meeting allows for you to share any visionary ideas or special requirements you might have about your painting project with our expert painters.

After our initial consultation, we provide you with a detailed proposal outlining the scope, materials and estimated costs associated with your project. Our proposals are comprehensive and transparent to eliminate surprises along the way and give a full picture of everything involved with it – giving you peace of mind as to what to expect next! We take time explaining each element so you know exactly what awaits us in this endeavor.

Surface Prep

Proper surface prep is key to any successful exterior paint job, which is why our team dedicates the necessary time and care in prepping all surfaces prior to applying any paint. Our process includes:

Cleaning: Our experts use power washing or hand scrubbing, depending on the surface type, to eliminate dirt, mildew and loose paint from surfaces. Repairing: Any damaged areas such as cracks or holes that exist on these surfaces are repaired so as to provide an even and uniform appearance.

Priming: Our professional application of high-grade primer will enhance paint adhesion and provide for an even finish.


Once surfaces have been properly prepared, our painting team gets underway using professional-grade equipment and techniques for an exceptional finish. Applying multiple coats with ample drying times between coats ensures long-term durability while paying meticulous attention to details ensure clean lines and uniform finishes across each room.

Before considering our job complete, we conduct a careful final inspection to make sure every aspect meets our high standards and to receive feedback from you, our client. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us; should any concerns arise we will make every effort possible to find an amicable resolution for them promptly.


At Cleanup, we take great pleasure in leaving every property as clean and neat as when they found it. Our team carefully removes all paint materials, tools, and debris before leaving your home as spotless as the day we found it. A tidy worksite demonstrates our professional conduct while respecting your property.

Benefits of Professional Exterior Painting Services

Enhancing Curb Appeal

A fresh coat of paint can significantly elevate the curb appeal of any property. From selling it off or simply making an impressionful first impression, a professionally painted exterior makes a significant statement about you and what lies within its walls. W&C Brothers Painters will help select appropriate hues and finishes to complement both its architecture and surrounding.

Professional Exterior Painting Services Can Increase Property Value

Hiring professional exterior painters such as W&C Brothers Painters will add immense value to your property when selling. Potential buyers are drawn towards homes that appear well maintained and visually attractive; so by investing wisely now with W&C Brothers Painters you are making a sound financial move which could yield high returns down the line when selling time arrives.

Exterior Paint as Protection From Elements

Exterior paint serves as an important defense against harsh climate conditions like those seen in Marietta, GA, where moisture, UV rays, and temperature swings may wreak havoc with your home and surfaces outside it. Our high-quality coatings have been specifically engineered to withstand these elements so as to prolonging lifespan of exterior surfaces while preventing damages or shortening their lives significantly.

Preventing Costly Repairs

Regular home maintenance – including professional painting – can prevent expensive repairs down the line. By attending to small issues early, such as peeling paint or small cracks, such as peeling or chipped varnish or chipped wallpaper edges, peeling can often be prevented before it worsens into wood rot or structural damage resulting in even greater costs later. W&C Brothers Painters helps your keep your property in prime condition thus saving money over time!

An Irresistibly Painted Home There’s something truly fulfilling and fulfilling about having your dream home perfectly painted; the final results showcase both your personal style and attention to detail. W&C Brothers Painters takes great pleasure in turning houses into showcase properties, providing results homeowners are proud to show off to friends.

Read Reviews from Happy Clients Here

“W&C Brothers Painters did an exceptional job from start to finish transforming my Marietta home, receiving compliments from neighbors for its brand new appearance and earning my highest recommendation from me!.”

Susan M. of Marietta, GA

W&C Brothers Painters completely exceeded my expectations! Their meticulous approach and unwavering commitment to quality were truly impressive, as their exterior home transformation work left me delighted by their results. I found working with their entire team a pleasure; and will undoubtedly use their services again in future.”

“After researching multiple painting companies, I selected W&C Brothers Painters with great satisfaction. Their prompt service, exceptional work quality and great attention to my concerns all ensured my complete satisfaction with their result – they would come highly recommended by me!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (FAQs) on Data Storage Services 

How often should I paint the exterior of my home?

The frequency of painting your home’s exterior depends on various factors, including paint type used and quality, climate conditions in Marietta GA as well as previous maintenance/touch up efforts that extend its lifecycle. While Marietta, GA typically recommends repainting every 5-7 years it could extend further with regular maintenance visits or touch ups by an exterior painting professional.

What type of paint should be used on exterior surfaces?

This depends entirely on the material being painted as well as your home’s circumstances and conditions. At W&C Brothers Painters, we tend to favor high-grade acrylic latex paints due to their exceptional coverage, weather-resistance, durability, and excellent color retention properties.

Do I Need to be Home for Painting Process? While being present during painting processes isn’t mandatory, we highly suggest being available for initial consultation and final inspection meetings with our team as they keep you apprised of progress while answering any inquiries or addressing concerns throughout. Our team can keep you up to speed as they handle them with our expertise!

How Can I Select Exterior House Colors

Selecting exterior house colors is no small undertaking, which is why W&C Brothers Painters offer color consultation services and color samples and visualizations to assist our clients. Our goal is to help make this selection process as painless and informative as possible!

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