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Want to fix crooked or crowded teeth? Here is your comprehensive guide

When the tooth eruption grows in a way that you experience twisted, overlapped, rooted, or angled teeth, these become crooked, crowded, and misaligned. Crooked teeth and misaligned or overcrowded teeth are common among adults, kids, and even older people. On the upper part, the typical sign of crowding is front teeth or teeth sitting high and pointing outwards. On the other hand, in the lower region, overlapped front teeth are common. The crowding of teeth worsens if you neglect the problem.

If you want to care for your oral health and ensure that future health issues do not pop up, you must take immediate steps. You must understand the common causes, orthodontic treatment choices, and related topics, with the benefits of fixing crowded, misaligned, and crooked teeth. Such issues of teeth alignment may ruin the smile and affect your esteem.

What results in a crooked tooth? 

Permanent and baby teeth may grow naturally or become crooked because of several causes. These are listed below:

•    Repetitive behavior: Repetitive behavior like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting pushes the baby tooth out of the earlier position, making it misaligned further. Temporary teeth become crooked because they are too small to fill the respective gum space.

•    Diet: Processed or soft food, when consumed excessively over a long time, reduces the chewing amount considerably. The change has modified the collective jaw size and made it small. Dentists believe that a short jaw is responsible for misaligned, crooked, crowded teeth. Besides, improper nutrition in children may result in tooth decay with poor dental development. If you are serious about these issues in your child, you must take the dentist’s help as early as possible.

•    Malocclusion: Whenever you close the jaw and experience that it is not fitting correctly over the other, the condition is called misaligned jaw or malocclusion. The distinct types encompass overbite and under bite. In an under bite situation, the low portion of the teeth protrudes outside away from the upper teeth front. On the other hand, in an overbite case, the front of the upper teeth comes out from the lower teeth.

•    Genetics: If either of the parents or any of them have crowded or crooked teeth, there is the possibility that offspring will develop the issue.

•    Injury: Any accident or injury to the mouth or face may result in knocked-out or misaligned teeth depending on the harshness of the condition.

People experiencing crooked teeth and misaligned bites face several issues. These are listed below:

•    Oral hygiene: When people have misaligned and crooked teeth, it becomes difficult for them to clean the teeth, particularly when food particles get stuck in between them. It results in gum disease and tooth decay. If you ignore the problem, gum disease may take a severe turn. It may result in a periodontics, and the damage will go down to the bones, teeth, and gum tissue.

• Self-esteem:  Life quality may get hampered because of crooked teeth. It is because you might not be able to smile out loud. You may experience low confidence and self-esteem. If you want to remove all these, you must get in touch with your doctor as fast as possible.

•    Health issues: Simple actions like chewing and biting may become challenging when you have misaligned and crooked teeth. It may further affect your digestion and result in gastrointestinal problems. 

•    Speech ability: In some instances, crooked or misaligned teeth may affect your speech ability by affecting sound articulation, which causes speech issues. 

• Excessive withering: Excessive withering may also result from the misaligned tooth. Poorly aligned teeth may pressure gums, teeth, and jaw muscles, resulting in excessive wear and tear. It may result in chronic headaches, jaw strain, and various disorders. 

What is the way of fixing crooked teeth? 

There are various treatment alternatives at your disposal that only the dentist can help you understand. From fixing misaligned teeth to teeth straightening, the list is long. If you have confusion about understanding these, pay attention to the following list:

•    Metal braces: Wires and brackets comprise slightly bulky metal braces. They may result in discomfort and irritation. However, these braces are a strong and durable option that is effective on crooked teeth. It helps solve bite issues and provides you with the best smile.

•    Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces have a minor structure compared to metal braces. They are effective on crooked teeth and are invincible. As a result, ceramic braces get favored in comparison to metal braces.

•    Invisalign: Invisalign braces are another expensive option that is comfortable and convenient. These are easy to use and demand very little maintenance. These provide a clear appearance to the individual and help you enjoy your smile.

•    Retainers: Retainers are available in two fixed and removable options. These are cheaper than the other options and require a few visits to the dentist.

•    Veneers: Dental veneers are another option that you may look into with the help of your dentist. These are porcelain or composite covers that may get applied on the surface of the teeth. You can get veneers if your teeth become less crowded or crooked. These can fix the issue quickly, and you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal too. Remember that these straighten the teeth and make the smile appear flawless.

•    Crowns: It is an obvious option you may encounter. If you want to whiten your smile in Woodbury, you can use metal or porcelain crowns. These are fitted on the top of the tooth and are a healthier option than the others.

 Why must you think of fixing misaligned or crooked teeth? 

Now that you know so much about crooked teeth and how to fix them, you must consider these benefits. Remember that crooked teeth may bring along several diseases, and thus you have to take a step toward a healthy life. The other benefits associated with fixing crooked teeth are listed below:

• Eliminating wear and tear.

• Teeth are easy to floss clean.

• Gums fit securely and prevent periodontal tissues.

If you are still thinking about how to fix misaligned, crooked teeth, it is time to get in touch with your doctor. These dentists become experienced in undertaking different procedures and providing you exceptional care. Thus, if you want to relish a perfect and healthy smile, it’s time to reach out to the dentist.

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