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Venture into video marketing: A guide to the new-age marketing practices

Significance of video marketing

In this age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, knowingly or unknowingly, we prefer to binge most on the videos that directly appeal to us instead of demanding a lot of effort from us. Yes, video marketing is the only reality on which we are living our entire life. In fact, a survey has validated that among ten of the internet users, around five to six users prefer to strategically frame their buying decisions after watching videos of their preferred brands. Moreover, video brochure tends to appear at first glance to be old-fashion thing can be your game changer in the game of new-age marketing.

A video is a popular form of marketing that can even disseminate a large amount of relevant information to the targeted base audience and at the same time, it can render promotional ideas. However, the days of fancy organizational greeting cards with musical chips in them and brochures with VHS-quality videos have become obsolete as this tech-savvy generation prefers to binge on high-quality videos.

New-age manufacturers have left no stone unturned to come up with customized brochures with superior-quality of LCD screens in them to leave users in awe. It is more like the old wine in a new bottle to create tailored experiences for generation Z, who are keener to relish the visual treats than reading them manually.            

Segments of marketing videos

The arrival of video marketing has indeed added a new edge to the overall business as videos are carved meticulously and they are posted on social media platforms just with the sole intent of having complete sway over the decisions of the buyers. Even in the context of political campaigns, before the election, political leaders choose the video platform to virtually appeal to the audiences and to mould their decision in some way or another. Believe it or not, in the current times, the world of marketing is regulated and operated by immersive endorsements.

Being an onlooker, have you ever got intrigued by the visual world that the brands offer now? If your answer is yes then you must be consuming the video ads wholeheartedly and the advertisers are overpowering your intent to buy specific products or service items. Give a look at the following segments of marketing videos that might appear to be an absolute savior for your business.

  • Animated videos
  • Educational videos
  • Consumer testimonial videos
  • Personalized message videos
  • Promotional brand videos
  • Demo videos  

Among all of these proto-types of marketing videos, business owners or marketers would have to design the format of the video, depending on the accrual mission of the business or your project milestones. For instance, to boost the social media presence of your brand, you can choose to make a video of the video-infused brochure along with trendy music to garner the attention of the users of this platform.

A take on video brochure

Be it a small start-up or the commercial giants all are gradually inclining towards video marketing tools with the aim of deriving a higher degree of ROI without making hefty investments. Another striking fact is that on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you will find a huge population of users, who watch promotional videos or demo videos without sound or music. It enunciates that you are not under the compulsion to add music to your videos; rather the good content and short captions can attract their attention on the first attempt.

Choose to add short yet compelling captions in your video-embedded brochures so as to make the audiences completely spellbound and to let them hook with the content. Instead of traditional brochures, choosing video-infused brochures can traverse the viewers to a new world, and there remains the scope of hooking your audience for a long time. Besides that, the appearance of the brochures in video format has offered a fresh lease of life to the marketing practices, while opening the brochure, the audience instantly gets absorbed into the world of products and services. Moreover, it is a great outlet for bringing your products or services to life and it leaves a lasting imprint on the mind of the consumers who are aspiring to purchase from you.          

Advantages of video brochure

Unlike the traditional brochure, video-infused brochures can elevate your experience and there are several benefits of it that yield unforgettable outcomes. The advantages of the video-embedded brochures are the following,

  •  Narrating unique yet compelling stories as hooker
  • Getting immediate access
  • Creating interactive designs and formats
  • Boosting sales in the most effective manner possible 
  • Usage of fun fonts and colors
  • Options for customization of the layouts

In the digital world, change is the only constant, and switching the customized video-embedded brochure makes the first attempt of rendering a lasting impression on the target audience as a whole. 

Key Highlights

To ace, the journey of video marketing with a video-infused brochure or promotional video brochure, immediately contact the customized brochure providers near you.   

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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