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USPS Innovations: The Latest Trends in Direct Mail Marketing


Since it enables companies to contact a specific audience with actual, physical goods, direct mail marketing has been a tried-and-true advertising method for decades. Direct mail is still relevant today despite the growth of digital marketing, offering a special chance to stand out in a competitive industry. 

Since the United States Postal Service (USPS) continues to be the principal provider of direct mail delivery services, it is crucial to stay current on their most recent developments to ensure optimal performance.

USPS has kept improving and innovating its direct mail offerings, providing fresh methods to interact with clients and boost the efficiency of marketing initiatives. Incorporating personalized color messages with Personalized Color Transpromo and offering real-time tracking and reporting with informed visibility are just two examples of how USPS has shown its commitment to giving businesses the tools they need to flourish. 

We will examine the newest developments in direct mail marketing provided by USPS in this post, as well as how they might help companies aiming to increase consumer engagement and boost sales.

1.Informed Delivery:

The USPS offers a free service called Informed Delivery that enables customers to digitally preview their incoming mail. Subscribers receive a daily email from this service that contains pictures of their receiving mail. This not only offers consumers more convenience, but it also gives businesses a chance to expand their direct mail marketing initiatives. 

Now that Informed Delivery is available, companies may incorporate interactive features in their mailings like clickable links and customized landing sites. With this innovation, direct mail campaigns may be more successful because it adds another level of consumer connection.

2. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):

With the use of USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service, companies can contact every home in a given region. Businesses who wish to target a particular neighborhood or community will find this service to be especially helpful. Businesses can use EDDM to deliver postcards, flyers, or brochures to each mailbox along a certain carrier route or zip code. 

With this affordable service, you can avoid paying for mailing lists and pay less for postage. Businesses can effectively raise their brand exposure in their neighborhood by using EDDM.

3. Informed Visibility:

A USPS feature called Informed Visibility offers mailpieces real-time tracking and reporting. Through this service, businesses may keep track of their mailpieces from the moment USPS accepts them until the recipient receives them. Businesses may gain useful data into their direct mail campaigns via Informed Visibility, including delivery schedules, open rates, and more. Businesses can use this information to make the most of their direct mail campaigns.

4. Personalized Color Transpromo:

The USPS provides Personalized Color Transpromo, a service that enables companies to include color messaging in their mailings. For bills, statements, and other transactional mail, this service is especially helpful. Businesses may increase the impact and legibility of their mailings by including personalized color messages. 

Additionally, cross-selling and up-selling goods and services are both possible with personalized Color Transpromo. This invention can boost income and help firms better engage their customers.

5. Mobile Barcode Promotion:

Businesses may include mobile barcodes, like QR codes, in their mailings thanks to a USPS service called Mobile Barcode Promotion. Businesses can give customers an engaging experience by integrating a mobile barcode, such as access to exclusive information or a promotional offer. A website or social media page can get a lot of visitors by using mobile barcode promotion. Businesses may increase consumer engagement and increase conversions with the aid of this invention.

6. Branded Color Transpromo:

With the help of USPS’s Branded Color Transpromo service, companies can include the colors of their logo in their mailings. Bills, statements, and other transactional mail benefit greatly from using this service. Business mailings can be made more recognizable and memorable by integrating brand colors. It’s possible to cross-sell or up-sell goods and services using branded color transpromo. Businesses may increase brand recognition and boost sales with the aid of this innovation.

7. Customized MarketMail:

A USPS service called bespoke MarketMail enables companies to design bespoke mailpieces in non-standard sizes and shapes. This service is very beneficial for companies who wish to design an original and striking mailer. 

Businesses may develop mailings that stand out from conventional mail and attract recipients’ attention using Customized MarketMail. This tool gives companies the freedom to design mailpieces in a range of sizes and forms, which can help them run more successful direct mail campaigns.

8. Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB):

A distinct barcode is provided for each piece of mail via the USPS’s Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) program. The recipient’s address and delivery instructions are among the details about the mailpiece that are contained in this barcode. IMB offers companies useful information on their mailings, such as delivery status and delivery confirmation. 

This service can help companies enhance the accuracy of their mailings and maximize the effectiveness of their direct mail campaigns.


To sum up, USPS has demonstrated a persistent dedication to innovation in the field of direct mail marketing. Businesses are given the means to reach their target audience in fresh and innovative ways with services like Informed Delivery, Customized MarketMail, and Intelligent Mail Barcode. To ensure optimum efficiency as the advertising landscape changes, it is crucial for firms to stay current with the most recent developments in direct mail marketing.

Direct mail marketing continues to be effective, despite the development of digital marketing. Businesses now have access to a variety of services that can help them create appealing, personalized, and efficient mailpieces because of USPS’s ongoing developments.

 Businesses may improve customer engagement, increase brand recognition, and ultimately increase income by implementing these newest direct mail marketing strategies. Businesses who keep up with these most recent trends will surely benefit, as USPS continues to show its commitment to giving companies the tools they need to flourish.

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