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Using Add-Ons To Customize Rigid Candy Packaging Boxes

Almost every brand in the candy industry is now using rigid boxes. This has led to an increased saturation level where companies are using a bunch of identical rigid packaging styles. This means we don’t see creativity and peculiarity.

The basic packaging has even taken a toll on customers, confusing them. Now customers can no longer distinguish brands and products due to similar packaging. 

To avoid all this fuss, your brand needs a way to make an impact in the industry and something that can help them stand out. The key to gaining this is by using add-ons. Yup! 

That’s right, add-ons! They will make an unprecedented change in your products’ sales and revenue. Add-ons will even help your brand be popular among customers by being one of a kind. 

Add on Rigid Boxes for a Win

In this article, we will help you explore different types of add-ons available in the market. And which ones are the most reliable and famous. You will also know how to advance your add-on game. 

What Are Add-Ons? Why do you need them on Rigid Boxes? 

The packaging itself can be very boring. Because it is the creativity and innovation that makes it beautiful. Add-ons can help you beautify your packaging, and that’s why they are very famous. 

Types Of Add Ons

There are many ways that you can create add-ons. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

●     Embossing

Embossing is the process of etching the surface of hard candy custom rigid boxesThe idea is to improve their appearance further. This is a very common form of decoration in candy. The approach focuses on providing uniqueness and fascination to the customer. 

Embossing is a perfect way to customize your rigid box packaging. It is like adding a little touch to your packaging that will distinguish your brand from the others. You can incorporate it using spot UV or hot stamping as well.

●     Spot UV

Another common add-on for custom rigid gift boxes is spot UV. It improves the satisfaction level of printed objects in the same way as laminating does. This style is applicable when you are trying to pop your company’s logo, slogans, artwork designs, etc., on the box to increase the quality of your product. 

A bonus point of using these printing techniques is that they are eco-friendly, which many customizing techniques don’t offer.

●     Debossing

Debossing is the polar opposite of embossing. Unlike embossing, craving, or deeply engraving the letters on the box, debossing does the opposite by making the words pop up from the package. 

Both of these printing techniques are unique and effective in their way. They are ideal for custom-printed rigid boxesThey both offer the same distinct purpose of making a statement in the market by providing an image of premium vibes. 

●     Hot Stamping

Custom rigid box packaging can make use of hot stamping. If you want to ensure that your high-quality premium candy gets the best attention that it deserves. 

Then you should opt for this add-on. It has the best usage in premium products, increasing the perceiving value of candies. 

●     Window Patching

A rigid box with lid can make use of window patching. A window is an excellent addition to your rigid candy box wholesale purchase. It not only showcases the product inside beautifully. But also let the customers visualize the candies they are about to buy. So that they can have a clear view of whether to buy the product or not. 

A window patching creates an alluring look. And also creates an impressive impact on potential buyers as this creates more loyalty points in favour of the brand. This type of add-on, if adopted, reflects that the company doesn’t want the customer to be in any kind of ambiguity. 

●     Sleeves

Rigid cardboard boxes can use Sleeves. The sleeves are ideal for minimalism packaging. They are a great way to add a little extra functionality to a product. A sleeve is an insert that slides on the side of the box and is adjustable to fit the product inside it. 

Sleeves can be either decorative or plain, depending upon the requirements of the product. They give products a more luxurious look with a premium finish. The sliding effect of these sleeves creates excitement and satisfaction in the hands of the customer.

●  Use Combos To Have A Better Impact 

A Rigid box with lid can make a good impact with combos. It is not a solid rule to opt for only one add-on per box. You can use as many add-ons as you like to ensure the uniqueness and one-of-a-kind feel of the product. 

There are many ways to use different add-ons in one box type just to create that aesthetic and modern look. Some of them are:

● Embossing + Hot Stamping

● Spot Uv + Embossing

● Debossing + Hot Stamping

● Window Patching + Debossing

● Spot Uv + Debossing

● Embossing + Hot Stamping + Window Patching 

● Debossing + Hot Stamping + Window Patching

● Embossing + Spot Uv + Window Patching

● Embossing + Debossing + Hot Stamping 

● Embossing + Debossing + Spot Uv

● Spot Uv + Window Patching

Final Words

It is evident that if you want to flourish in your candy industry, you will have to adopt the usage of add-ons in your rigid boxes. You can not imagine running a successful business just by a simple box. You need to be creative and unique in your work. Only then you will be able to attract potential customers to your products and make a statement. 

Add-ons are brilliant on so many levels. Because they give the aesthetic feel to your product which in this case are candies. We have mentioned brilliant add-ons for your products, and you can go for anyone you like. Remember, you are always creating an impact with your packaging, so make sure that it is a nice one. 

Customers are likely to see each and everything before making any purchase. So you must make an impression, and add-ons will help you with that. 

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