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Unusual Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Both the birthday person and the host enjoy the celebration more when there is cake involved. The centrepiece of each birthday party must be the cake. Consequently, you must have witnessed your mothers going the extra mile to bake and design the cake to elegance since you were young. Your mom went to great lengths to ensure that the most beautiful and delicious birthday cake was on the table, even if she had to order from anywhere. Trust us she has done the best gift online shopping just for you. Therefore, we have compiled simple birthday cake decoration ideas to assist all the mothers in presenting their dearest creation in the best possible manner. Mothers can make spectacular birthday cake decorations with only a few simple items.


You could say that M&Ms are a pure expression of love. Chocolate candy in bite size pieces with a rainbow of coating colours are a sweet treat that never gets old. Kids universally favour chocolate cake above any other flavour, so make that your go-to when celebrating a birthday. Apply chocolate icing all over the cake. Then, add M&M blossoms as a finishing touch. If you don’t want to use M&Ms to make flowers, you can use them to make any other pattern, such as geometric patterns, or to cover the entire cake with M&Ms of various colours. This is the simplest method possible for decorating a cake.


Just scatter bright sprinkles over the top of the cake like confetti, and you’re set to go. Many people’s all-time favourite cake is sprinkle cake because it takes a simple icing cake and makes it look beautiful with a few sprinkles. Spread some vanilla frosting over the cake. Spread the sprinkles in the shape of a cookie cutter, such as a heart or a 1. Sprinkles can be used to cover up flaws throughout the cake or applied selectively to the bottom and top layers. Sprinkles in the cake batter or hidden throughout the cake provide for an entertaining twist. Once you cut into it, the vibrant colours and sugary sweetness spill out.

KitKat Cake:

Don’t worry about being disappointed by a Kitkat cake. You should read this if you think it will be hard to learn, because it is simpler than it sounds. Place a Kitkat bar around the edge of the cake on all four sides. Icing can be used to secure the Kitkat. Next, arrange the candies and stones into a cross shape, and top it with a KitKat. Look, it even works! You may also use Kitkat bars, either whole or broken up and sprinkled over the cake.

Candies and Chocolates:

This is a fantastic cake concept, and we’re confident that your child will adore it. It’s not difficult to make and it tastes too good to pass up. Sprinkle your child’s favourite candies and chocolates all over the cake. Choose candies and chocolates of varying sizes, colors, and shapes to trick the eye.

Cake Toppers:

The use of cake toppers has become increasingly popular in recent years. Sugar or candy lollipops, gelatin balloons, marshmallows, gummy bears, and other edible cake toppers can be used to decorate the cake, as can more traditional cake decorations such as acrylic Happy Birthday and glittered numbers.

Buttercream Icing:

Yes, luscious pastries made with cream are truly irresistible. Additionally, buttercream icing can be used to embellish the cake however you like. The final coat should be applied after the base coat has dried. To decorate, use a piping bag and various nozzles to pipe on designs like swirls, dallops, flowers, and a basket weave pattern.

Fruits and Nuts:

A birthday cake that won’t make your kids sick and is yet full of fruit juice. Layers of seasonal fruit, such as grapes, kiwis, pineapple, oranges, cherries, and apples, can be used as a garnish for the cake. Shaved almonds can be used as a garnish on the side. The ratio of nuts to fruits can be adjusted to suit individual tastes, or you can swap out the fruits for nuts.


Go with the traditional and delicious chocolate chip cake instead of the healthier alternative. Sprinkle both dark and white chocolate chips over the cake’s top layer. Since “It’s too much chocolate” doesn’t exist, drizzle some chocolate sauce or ganache on top.

The birthday cake you bring to the table will be a thing of beauty, thanks to these simple decoration ideas. Let us know which suggestion you favoured the most and last but not the least a pro tip – If you are not a good chef go and place cake delivery online in India from the best portal to have the amazing delight.

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