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Unlocking Fast House Sales in a High-Interest Real Estate Market

Having the ability to sell your house fast in a market with high-interest rates and prices on the downtrend from all-time highs in 2021 and 2022 is an advantage you can only seem to find from companies that buy houses.

Often they close in as little as 7 to 14 days depending on the investor.

We Buy Houses type of brands, even the we buy ugly house types generally only make 1 offer on your home. But, recently we sat down with a nationwide investor, Nick Scancarello, and his partner Teeshan Udayakumar to speak more with them about how selling your house for cash works. Is it really as good as it sounds?

Cash house buyers, Nick and Teeshan both shared about a dozen ways that a house can be sold. While having the conversation they pointed out that companies that buy houses are not all created equally. And, that their business… Cash Offer Faster doesn’t limit the seller to only getting one offer. They provide 3X the offers when you want to sell a house, with just 1 call.

Nick said, at CashOfferFaster.com, we buy houses fast. They are currently buying 1-3 houses per week, along with commercial properties, RV Parks, and Multi-family housing deals that cash flow throughout the United States.

Cash Offer Faster is able to close in as little as 14 days.

They offer 3X the offers to sell your house fast, including: Creative, Sub To, and All-Cash deals to sell your house. We buy houses in any condition, at any price point.

Homeowners that sell to Cash Offer Faster, pay no closing costs, no commissions, no fees and they can take care of any liens, back taxes, or past due balances on the loan of the house they purchase. Selling your house to any other we buy houses company would only make sense after you’ve gotten all 3 offers from Nick and Teeshan at Cash Offer Faster.

When it comes to selling your house fast, from San Antonio, to Ohio, to Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania as well as other markets throughout the nation. Both Nick and his partner agree the sellers often come away with a deal and a solution they just couldn’t get with a realtor.

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