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Understanding the Types and Variants of Carrara Marble

Amongst the various marble varieties hailed for their luxurious charm, Carrara Marble London stands out because of its premium quality and awe-inspiring aesthetics. Quarried from the Carrara region of Italy, this luminescent marble imparts an unparalleled air of sophistication to luxury homes, plush hotels, and expensive offices. Not just to design new spaces but even for renovation, installing Carrara Marble raises the value of the residential or commercial property.

Carrara Marble London: Variants in Riveting Colours and Patterns

Its vivid hues, appealing tones, distinct natural grains and veining make the stunning Italian marble even more popular amongst London-based homeowners. The most prominent variants come in varying shades: cloudy white, swan white, pearl white, misty white, creamy white, yellowish white, greyish white, brownish white, and more. The exquisite grain patterns interspersed with thick and thin natural veins are a class apart from other stone worktops. The vein and pattern colouring are even more diverse, ranging from black, grey, golden, and brown to blue and green undertones.

Types of Carrara Marble

Despite the easy availability of manufactured materials, most Londoners prefer natural stone worktops like marble, granite, and quartzite. Carrara marble is most famous for bathroom design, kitchen design, staircase installation, patios, fountains and benches. Despite its massive popularity, there needs to be more clarity regarding the types of Carrara Marble. Hundreds of marble varieties sourced from the Carrara region in Italy attract prospective buyers, unable to distinguish one type from the other, bewildered at the sheer range.

Here is a simple classification to help homeowners make the right choice:

  1. White/Grey Carrara Marble Variants
  • The white-hued and grey-toned Carrara Marble is available in seven distinct sub-categories based on the shade of white and the types of patterns.
  • The first three of these are easy to comprehend. These include the conventional Sparkling White Carrara Marble known as Marmo Bianco, the heavily veined version known as Marmo Venato, and the cloudy white variant known as Marmo Nuvolato.
  • Their distinct properties can identify the next two. The Bardiglio marble from Carrara has a unique whitish-grey background interspersed by very fine grey veins. The Marmo Arabescato, also referred to as Arabesque Marble, is recognized by its aristocratic look and beautiful grey ornamental patterns.
  • Finally, the two most elegant variants deserve special mention. The Marmo Statuario (Statuary Marble) has a stunning resplendence of dazzling white with light grey veining. The most popular among all the seven White/Grey Carrara Marble Variants is the Calacatta Marble (known as Marmo Calacatta in Italian). The rare white, gold, yellow, purple, green, and grey undertones make for regal, awe-inspiring interiors.

2. Breccia Marble – This Carrara Marble type is rarer and restricted to the Seravezza region in the Southern Alps only. Due to widespread mining in the past, large slabs of Breccia are hardly available now. Mostly broken fragments and extracted and engineered into tiles or used as flecks for Travertine flooring.

3. Chipollini Marble – A robust, multi-layered marble from the Garfagnaga and Versilia regions in Carrara, Chipollini has a diverse aura of colours. It has lesser whites/yellows and darker shades like brown, red, grey, and green.


No matter what a homeowner picks from the above categories, it is a staunch fact that Carrara in Italy is home to world-class marble varieties. Carrara marble boasts unmatched premium quality, be it in terms of visual grandeur, durability or versatility. No wonder its beautiful variants adorn both indoor and outdoor spaces with flair.

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