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Turkey Visa for Indian and Indonesian Citizens

India ranks high on the list of nations where citizens can apply online for an electronic visa to Turkey, making travel possible to this fascinating nation. There are several basic Turkey visa requirements that Indian nationals must satisfy in order to enter this intriguing land and experience all that awaits them there.

This Turkey visa for Indian citizens allows multiple entries into the state and has a maximum stay time of 30, up to 90 days depending on the nationality of the holder.

Indian passport holders only need to complete an online application in order to renew their documents, saving time and hassle when dealing with paperwork at an embassy.

What Is a Turkey e-Visa for Indian Passport Holders, and How Does It Function?

Turkey introduced the electronic Visa (electronic V) application in 2013 for speedier visa application processes and to reduce bureaucracy. It provides users with a user-friendly online application, making the entire application process seamless and simple.

The Turkey electronic visa for Indian passport holders was created specifically to meet the needs of travelers to Turkey for business or tourism, be it on one entry or multiple entries into the country.

Indian citizens may visit Turkey for up to 30 days with an electronic visa issued from Turkey that lasts 180 days from when it was granted.

Indian travelers can apply for an e-Visa before their planned travel to Turkey at any time, although ideally 48 hours prior.

Turkish e-Visa Benefits for Indian Passport Holders

Turkish authorities introduced an electronic visa system, in place of its traditional sticker visa system, to facilitate and expedite visa applications.

Do Indian Passport Holders Need a Visa for Turkey?

Travel visa requirements to Turkey depend upon both citizenship and duration/purpose for traveling there.

Indian travelers traveling to Turkey for trade or tourism purposes for up to 30 days are eligible for an e-Visa of Turkey.

Indian citizens wishing to work, live or study in Turkey require a permit from either the Turkish consulate or embassy. Anyone staying for longer than 30 days for business or tourism purposes must apply for a “Long Stay Turkey Visa”, not just an electronic one.

Indian citizens with an active Turkish visa can use it to enter Turkey instead of having to request a new e-Visa.

India Citizens Applying for Turkey E-Visa Application

Indian nationals looking for an e-Visa from Turkey must fill out an online application form in order to apply.

To be considered for admission to Turkey, an applicant must provide basic personal data and passport details as well as their planned excursion plans.

At borders, your e-Visa will be checked by passport control officials upon entry. Therefore, travelers should bring along an image of their e-Visa for them to present as proof when asked.

Indian Citizens Needed Information for Applying for an e-Visa from Turkey

Indian citizens applying online for an e-Visa from Turkey require specific information and documents, which include:

Passport valid for at least 60 consecutive days beyond the duration of stay in Turkey

Current Email and Payment Method (Debit or credit card).

Travelers should ensure the information on their application form for Turkey electronic visas matches what is on their passports.

An applicant must travel with the passport they used during the application process in order to enter Turkey within 180 days after being issued an approved e-Visa.

If a passport listed online form has been stolen, lost, or damaged the person applying must apply for a Turkey e-Visa with their new Indian passport.

Additional conditions apply to Turkey Visa e-Visas issued to Indian Citizens.

Passport holders from over 60 nations and regions, such as India, are eligible to apply for an e-Visa from Turkey; however, certain additional criteria must also be fulfilled.

Indian citizens in order to obtain an e-Visa to Turkey will require the following documents.

Proof of booking accommodation in Turkey.

Documentary evidence of sufficient funds (at minimum US$50 per night).

Tickets for return or onward travel.

Turkey Visa Requirements for Indonesia:

To obtain a Turkish visitor visa from Turkey applicants, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions (Turkey visitor visa conditions).

An Indonesian passport that expires 150 calendar days following arrival in Turkey.

Your email address for visa notifications and related updates.

Credit or debit cards may be used to cover this visa cost.

Application Procedure for Turkey Visa:

Applying for a Turkey visa online is simple and takes only three steps.

Complete this Turkey visa form.

Pay visa fees by using a valid debit or credit card.

Please provide an active email address so we can confirm the application.

Who Can Apply for an Electronic Turkey Visa?

Ordinary passport holders must apply for an e-Visa prior to making travel and accommodation reservations in Turkey. A Turkey Visa allows holders to remain for up to 30 days within any 180-day period; one entry can only last 30 days at any one time. The validity period can extend up to six months (180 days). The Turkish visa serves as an authorization for travel; visitors cannot exceed this 30-day limit during any 30-day visit to Turkey.

Turkey visa Indonesian citizens

Indonesian citizens entering Turkey must apply for and be granted a visa before traveling there, with some limited exemptions for those possessing authentic or diplomatic passports; those traveling on these can travel visa-free for up to 60 days depending on their purpose of visit. Should they overstay, an extension may be granted; otherwise, they’ll need a new one.

This Turkey visa can be used for tourism, leisure, and business needs alike. An eVisa allows one to enjoy their vacation in Turkey by exploring its stunning architecture and iconic landmarks while visiting friends and family as well as attending conferences, exhibitions, or seminars that meet official meetings or conferences.

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