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Turkey Visa for Armenian Citizens And for Cruise Visitors

Turkish nationals can obtain a visa on arrival in Armenia.  For citizens of Armenia, the visa application process is straightforward and can be completed at any Turkish embassy or consulate.  Travelers who are planning to visit Turkey for a cruise should note that cruise ships are not allowed to dock in Istanbul and other popular tourist destinations due to security concerns.  A visa on arrival is also available for citizens of Georgia and Ukraine, who can obtain a visa within three hours of arriving at the airport.

Armenia and Turkey have had a long-standing friendship, based on mutual respect and common interests. As a result, Armenian citizens can travel visa-free to Turkey for tourism or business purposes. This applies to both Armenian citizens who hold passports from Armenia, as well as those who hold valid Turkish passports. Turkey has recently started issuing visas to Armenian citizens, as part of efforts by Ankara to improve ties with Armenia. The move is likely to please tourists, many of whom have been avoiding Turkey due to the country’s tense relations with Armenia. Apply Turkey Visa for Armenian Citizens.

What is the visa requirement for Turks visiting Armenia?

Turkish citizens will no longer be able to visit Armenia without a visa. The same applies to Armenian citizens visiting Turkey. For cruise passengers, the visa-free regime still applies as long as they are not staying onshore for more than 72 hours. However, visitors traveling on cruises that originate in Turkey but visit various ports in Armenia (for example, Yerevan, and Vanadzor) will need a visa regardless of their duration of stay in Armenia. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has stated that the lifting of the visa-free regime is due to “the improvement of bilateral ties.  Armenian citizens are able to obtain a visa for travel to Turkey without any difficulty.  Turkish nationals can obtain visas for visits to Armenia with ease as well. The process of obtaining a visa is relatively straightforward and does not require any prior documentation.  Those wishing to visit Armenia should be aware that there are some restrictions on the types of activities that are allowed while in the country.

How to get a visa for Turks visiting Armenia?

If you are already in Armenia and your passport has a valid six-month visa stamp from your country of origin, you do not need a new visa. However, if your passport lacks such a visa stamp, then you will need to apply for a Turkish tourist visa at the nearest Armenian embassy or consulate. The application process can take up to 45 days and costs US$60. If you are traveling on a cruise ship, your cruise line may be able to help facilitate the application process. Armenian citizens can obtain a visa to visit Turkey for tourism purposes.  cruise ships that stop at ports in Turkey are allowed to bring passengers on shore for short periods of time.  Armenian citizens do not require a visa to enter Turkey for transit purposes, but they may need one if they intend to stay for more than three days. The Turkish Embassy in Armenia is responsible for issuing visas and handles all applications.

The realities of traveling to Turkey as an Armenian citizen:

Armenian citizens traveling to Turkey for tourism or business should be aware of the visa requirements and realities. A visa is not required for a stay of up to 30 days for tourists, as long as they have a valid passport and tickets. Business travelers will need a visa. There are a few ways to obtain one: through your embassy/consulate, through travel agencies, or at the Turkish border gates. Fees vary depending on which route you choose.

The reality is that obtaining a Turkish visa can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. First, make sure you have all of the required documents ready ahead of time: your passport with at least six months remaining validity, evidence of financial solvency (such as a bank statement), hotel reservations, or proof of onward travel (like an airline ticket), and proof that you do not hold any active warrants for your arrest issued by foreign courts. Second, try to apply well in advance—the earlier the better—of your desired travel date. Once you receive notification from the Turkish consulate or embassy that your application has been accepted, it’s important to keep track of the processing timeline so there are no unexpected delays or complications along the way. Apply Turkey Visa for Cruise Visitors.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Turkish visa process is relatively easy for Armenian citizens and cruise visitors. However, holders of a Turkish visa must present an official invitation from a company or organization in Turkey.

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