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Trade Show Attire: What to Wear

When participating in a trade show, it can be difficult to make sure that all of the details are taken care of. One thing that may not seem like a big deal but can actually play a large role on how the attendees see you is through the clothes that you wear, and how you choose to present yourself. When standing by trade show displays, you will want to make a good impression on those who are attending. The clothes that you choose to wear represent your branding and company as a whole, so you want to make sure that you are making a good first impression. In this blog post, we are going to discuss what you should wear when participating in a trade show so that you are dressed for success. 

Wearing Branded Clothing

While participating in a trade show, you will be a walking billboard for your business. It is important that you are representing your company in a good manner. One way that you can do that is through making sure that you are wearing the logo of your clothing. It will make it easy for potential customers to associate which company you are with. It is also very important to require that everyone who is working at the trade show booth has nametags, so that they are available to answer any sort of questions that your customers may have. Having these name tags will help people to feel more comfortable approaching the staff as questions may arise. One idea that you could implement would be to wear a branded polo T Shirt with the names of the staff embroidered on it so that your team will stand out from other competitors. This will allow people in and out of the trade show to see the logo of your company so that they can have a good association with your company.

Formal Wear for Trade Shows

Sometimes, trade shows can call for formal or business casual attire. If you are attending one of these trade shows, then it can be difficult to know what type of dress is appropriate for such a trade show. We want to make sure that you will be prepared when attending a trade show that is one which requires a more formal dress code. Here are some tips that you can follow as you attend a professional trade show.

Formal Wear

When attending a formal trade show, men can typically be found in a business suit that is darker in color. You will not want to wear anything that is too flashy, as that will detract from the branding of your company. You will not want the attention to be on the suit that you are wearing, but rather the trade show booth that is behind you with all of your company’s branding on it.  Women could wear dress pants with a matching blazer as a more professional outfit. Collared tops are also appropriate. It is important to make sure that the accessories are a minimum, as once again you do not want to detract from the branding.


No matter what type of trade show you are attending, it is important to make sure that you are dressed appropriately, as you will be a walking representation of your brand. It is important to keep this in mind so that you will create a positive experience for the customers, as well as be dressed appropriately for the type of trade show that you will be attending.  Good luck!

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