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TP-Link WiFi Extender Not Giving Full Speed? Try These Tips!

The decision of setting up a TP-Link WiFi range extender seems disappointing when you are not getting full speed from it. Well, there are a few things that might have slowed down your WiFi repeater’s performance. What are they and what can be done to ramp up your TP-Link WiFi speed? Let’s find out.

Assign a Perfect Location to the Extender

After configuring the TP-Link wireless repeater via the http://tplinkrepeater.net web URL, users are advised to take their device to a new location. You also might have done the same. But, did you stick to the rules regarding the repeater’s perfect location? We doubt that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be struggling with the TP-Link extender not giving full-speed issue. Now, answer this. Is your WiFi device hiding inside a cupboard? If it is, then take it out right away. Place it in a well-ventilated area. Make sure that it is away from devices that use EM waves to operate and surfaces that bounce signals. Keeping your extender near such things means a mess with the repeater’s WiFi signals.

Maintain a Strong Ethernet Connection

Since a wired source is considered the best option to connect two networking devices, users often connect their TP-Link extenders and WiFi routers with an Ethernet cable. However, they forget the golden rule of establishing a stable connection. They either create a loose connection or put a damaged networking cable to use. Know that to ramp up the WiFi outputs from your repeater; you are supposed to create a finger-tight connection with the aid of a non-damaged network cable. An RJ45 will be the best option to consider for this purpose.

Mind the WiFi Devices’ Distance

The distance that you’ve maintained between your WiFi devices (TP-Link range extender and host router) matters a lot. The closer they are, the better the signal propagation. But, it does not mean that you place them neck to neck or allow them to share the base of the same table. Always consider the fact that a clash of WiFi signals of your devices might occur if you place them too close. There’s a high possibility that you’ll victim to another TP-Link repeater issue.

Keep the Firmware Updated

The firmware of every TP-Link extender is nothing but software that is programmed by developers to instruct your device. It means your extender does what its firmware commands. If the new instructions are introduced for your WiFi device, then it means that the present firmware of your extender has become outdated and needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. Perhaps, your TP-Link extender is not giving full speed because of outdated firmware. Therefore, pull out the repeater’s user manual and update the firmware by referring to the instructions mentioned in it.

Cut Off WiFi Leeches

WiFi bandits also known as piggybackers or WiFi leeches are another possible reasons that force you to face the TP-Link extender not giving full speed problem. The reason being they eat up more than half of the bandwidth offered by your wireless repeater due to which the speed gets reduced. To get rid of them, we suggest you change the WiFi password of your home network. You can also consider hiding the SSID of the range extender to prevent it from hackers. FYI, hiding the WiFi device’s SSID will remove its name from every network list present in its range.

Reboot the Extender Regularly

Rebooting the range extender can create miracles, trust us! Let us tell you that rebooting is the most suggested hack by experts when any networking device falls victim to the issue. It is because it helps in fixing technical glitches that do nothing good to your extender. Instead, they push your repeater into a tunnel of issues. Therefore, keep your extender away from technical glitches by rebooting it regularly.

Last, But Not Least

So, here we are wrapping up our guide discussing the troubleshooting techniques to fix the TP-Link extender not giving full speed issue. Although the tips you’ve read above will help you get the problem resolved without any hassle, however, if they don’t consider resetting your repeater and reconfiguring it with the help of the TP Link app. Just in case you are unaware of the instructions to re-configure your WiFi device, refer to the TP-Link user guide. It has everything that you need to know regarding the TP-Link extender’s configuration.

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