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Top Travel Essentials for Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is the center of attraction for the whole touring world. People all over the globe visit this epic emirate and explore the natural beauty and advanced architecture. Along with different other attractions, the desert in Dubai is also attracting tourists from around the whole world. Empty Quarter Desert, the world’s biggest sand desert, is present there.

Desert safari in this vast Arabian desert is full of fun and thrilling activities. Dubai desert safari is undoubtedly the best one in the whole world. Many fun and exhilarating activities are waiting for you in the desert. You can access them by contacting a tour operator and booking your Dubai desert safari.

However, you must only enter the desert with packing. It would be best if you kept certain travel essentials for a Dubai desert safari. These travel essentials are required for a memorable and joyful journey.

Essential Things You Must Bring to Dubai Desert Safari

Let’s move forwards and have a look at the basic travel essentials for the Dubai desert safari.


Your clothes are the first thing you need to focus on when heading for a desert safari. You need to choose your dress according to the weather conditions. In the desert, the weather is hot, so you need to keep light and loose-fit clothes with you. Skin-tight jeans and other similar dresses are not a good choice when heading toward the desert.

Shorts and T-shirts are perfect for this epic journey. However, females should prefer full-length clothes, keeping the UAE traditions in mind. It would help if you kept extra clothes with you, as sand can entrap and irritate your clothes. The weather in the Dubai desert may become freezing at night. Therefore, you must also keep a jacket or a warm shawl with you.


Comfortable shoes are the key to enjoying your journeys. It would be best if you opted for closed shoes as the hot sand can damage the toes in open shoes. Make sure the shoes are comfortable and fit perfectly. You need to keep an extra pair of shoes as you need to replace your shoes after dune bashing and quad bike racing. If you plan hiking in the desert, remember to keep hiking shoes with you.

Don’t wear shoes without socks when going for a Dubai desert safari. It leads to direct contact of sand with your feet and irritation. Wear comfortable and full-length socks and keep extra pairs of socks with you. Socks can help your feet remain cool and prevent them from the sand.

Sports Drinks or Electrolyte Powders

When you enter the desert, you must deal with scorching weather. You need to drink plenty of water in the desert to avoid dehydration. The water supply is fine as your tour operators have made all the arrangements. However, more than just drinking simple water may be required.

You need to use some sports drinks in the desert to avoid dehydration. They provide you with quick energy as well as lower the temperature of the body to the normal range. Electrolyte powders do the same job. They help in replacing any fluid loss from the body.

Sun Screen

Hot air in the desert and direct sun rays can damage your skin. You need to prevent your skin from UV radiations of the sun to avoid any allergic reactions to the skin. Therefore, you need to keep sunscreen with you. Apply it on all the exposed parts of your body, such as hands, face, arms, legs, etc., to prevent your skin from harmful sun radiations. Always opt for good quality sunscreens that can withstand sweating and protect your skin.

Other Accessories

You need to keep some other accessories along with you to enjoy your tour to the full extent. These accessories are:

  • A camera to capture your beautiful moments in the desert and record your memories.
  • Sunglasses prevent your eyes from sun radiations and help you see clearly in the desert.
  • A classic hat in the desert to add extra protection to your face and head.
  • Binoculars to explore biodiversity in the desert.

Bottom Line

Never miss any of the essentials mentioned earlier when setting on a Dubai desert safari. Pack your bags and head towards exploring the vast Arabian desert.

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