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The Top 9 Text Message Marketing Services of 2022

Text Message Marketing is gaining popularity today. A large percentage of the population owns smartphones and uses them for most of their activities. So, it only makes sense to market products directly through text messages on mobile phones. Text Message Marketing works by creating and sending messages to a particular set of phone numbers. It can also be used as a talent acquisition strategy when looking for new team members for your business. These text messages can contain anything from flash sale alerts to back-in-stock notifications. Companies also make use of this medium to personalize text messages based on personal information such as birthdays and names. 

But for this kind of marketing, you need platforms and services. Here are the greatest SMS marketing services that can significantly contribute to your marketing strategies.  


Textedly is one of the most widely used text message marketing tools for businesses of all sizes and types. It offers businesses a large variety of features that include custom keywords and tools for contact management. With Textedly, companies can also make use of automated replies. This means subscribers will receive automated messages when they connect and subscribe. It also lets you schedule campaigns in advance so you save time and effort. Moreover, it offers over 10 pricing ranges for different companies. These are based on size, budget, and reach.  


Postscript is another text message marketing platform that helps organizations develop their marketing strategies. It offers a free trial and once you decide to go with it, prices begin with $.01 per text message. Postscript was launched in 2018 and allows businesses access to a wide range of features. These include SMS automation, campaigns, segmentation, and conversations. This tool also offers text compliance along with Return on Investment (ROI) tracking.  

SMS Bump (Yotpo) 

SMS Bump allows users to start their services for free. That’s one of its biggest pros. Apart from this, it offers SMS automation, segmentation, custom flows, and SMS marketing. But its features aren’t limited only to these. It also offers its customers’ campaign scheduling and link shortening. Launched in the year 2018, Yotpo continues to be one of the leading text message marketing platforms today.  


Twilio offers text message marketing facilities to over 100 countries all over the world. This means that it’s renowned, trusted, and efficient. Twilio provides an extensive and detailed platform for marketing. This makes any customer-based interaction significantly easier. And most importantly, possible. Twilio is also one of the few platforms that allow integration with third-party applications like WhatsApp. This platform also has some of the most advanced technology that has the ability to take your marketing strategies to another level.  


This tool is best for companies and clients that are big in size. This means that these will have a large number of contacts and connections. Mostly, Tatango is used for political purposes. These include fundraisers and campaigns. This application is great for large companies with greater outreach because of its mass messaging services. In fact, Tatango is one of the few apps that can send over 5 million text messages per hour. It is mostly associated with voter drives and similar campaigns.  


The greatest edge this tool provides is its price range. TextMagic offers a free trial period. And users pay four cents per text message after. It was launched in 2001 and has a wide range of features. With TextMagic, users can send online texts, and make use of two-way texts. It also allows reporting and analytics and integrations.  


SlickText was launched in 2011 but it is still widely used today. This is because of the large variety of features it offers its users. With SlickText, you can start for free. Apart from this, prices begin at $29 per month. It enables companies to send out mass messages. Apart from this, brands can schedule text messages and create auto-replies. SlickText also includes the option to send birthday messages, and text-to-win competitions.  


Avochato is a recently launched text message marketing platform but it has clearly made its name in the industry. It launched in 2015 and it offers many new features in 2021 than it did at the time it started out. Today, this platform allows businesses to design message templates. They can also make use of automation, surveys, and reporting to strengthen their marketing campaigns. These features ensure that content reaches audiences in time.  


 Emotive came out in 2018. This text message marketing platform offers its users a free trial. After this ends, they shift to custom pricing. Emotive enables extensive text conversations through auto-responders. It also uses artificial intelligence to make the entire process more efficient in workplace investigation.  

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