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Top Study Abroad Myths

Despite the growing number of students studying abroad, many do not take advantage of this opportunity due to misconceptions about study in uk from bangladesh. Make sure you know the facts and don’t miss them.

MYTH #1: Foreign language students can benefit from study abroad programs.

Regardless of their major, students often don’t think that a study abroad program should suit their academic needs. If you limit your choice of destinations to countries such as England, Australia and Ireland, the language barrier will no longer be an issue. Even in countries where English is not the first language, there are universities that offer classes in English.

MYTH #2: Studying abroad is only for the rich.

Studying abroad does not have to be more expensive than studying at home. Tuition rates at host universities are usually the same as at local institutions. In addition, federal and state financial aid can often be applied to a semester abroad. There are also a number of scholarships available for students who wish to take advantage of international academic opportunities.

MYTH #3: It takes longer to graduate after studying abroad.

If you plan your study abroad carefully, you can complete your program in four years. Winter and summer breaks offer all students the opportunity to study abroad, and students with a major are often able to study abroad for a full year and still earn their degree in a standard time frame.

MYTH #4: Courses taken abroad are useless at home.

The positive effects of studying abroad are most evident in doctoral studies at U.S. schools, which help students match credits taken at foreign universities with their own courses. Be well-informed before applying to study abroad. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus for each course, ask your advisor about available credits, and be sure to get them in writing. You need to be sure that all your efforts abroad will be appreciated.

MYTH #5: Studying abroad is dangerous.

There is no doubt that caution should be exercised when traveling abroad, but it is absurd to simply associate the term “study abroad” with any particular danger. Study abroad departments inform students about safety and health issues well in advance of their departure and provide them with strict instructions and a plan of action to ensure their safety.

Student consultancy firm in Bangladesh can play the most important role to assist you to get visa and admission into your desired destination. But not every consultancy firm can make your wish true. Some may misguide you. However, if you are on searching for a consultancy firm to genuinely help you, then you should search their transparent services and previous success rate first.

MYTH #6: Study abroad is only good for college students.

Universities strive to make study abroad programs suitable for a diverse group of students, both undergraduate and graduate, and many of these programs are scheduled for the winter or summer.

MYTH #7: Study abroad is a continuation of your studies after graduation.

Once you start living in the real world, professional, financial and personal commitments make studying abroad a distant prospect. Studying abroad is a unique way to experience a culture that is highly unlikely as a tourist.

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Uneeb Khan
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