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It is easy to measure and analyze your content

It is easy to measure and analyze your content

With the plethora of digital content created(https://havai123.blogspot.com/) every day. Marketers must be aware of the best practices and what doesn’t.

It’s impossible to spend time and effort on marketing that doesn’t work because the market is moving quickly, and there is a lot to do.

How do you determine when an article, eBook or infographic is worth the sweat, blood and coffee you put into it? One way to do that is using BuzzSumo, a tool that is constantly growing and improving.

When we last reviewed BuzzSumo in 2013, it was a great measurement tool for content with much potential. It’s been a little over a year later.

It’s now so robust and effective that it’s essential for any content marketing professional working in the business. Let BuzzSumo help you to analyze and measure your content easily:

Examining Your Content Marketing Strategy: Take a look at the Numbers.

Do you wonder how the number of shares you get for your content? What is the deal with hyperlinks? What social networks can best bring users to your content? You can get data such as this, even up to one year, by running the Content Analysis Report on your URL:

Content Image

Would you like to know how many shares your posts typically generate and what platforms? It’s not a problem:

Avgshares1 Image

Our content has averaged 110 shares at a minimum across the five major social networks in the last year. The most engagement is seen on LinkedIn (40plus shares), Facebook (30+ shares) as well as Twitter (25plus shares). This graph is a great indicator for those who do not have a clear concept of where your customers are on the internet.

This information is ideal for crunching numbers for The One Metric (which is something we’ll be discussing in a subsequent blog.

So keep checking back). If you take them at face value, these numbers will provide a rough idea of the areas where your content has the greatest satisfaction.

Avgshares-content Image

Knowing what types of content are shared at an above-average rate is extremely valuable information.

Since you can develop more of the most successful content (and consequently reduce the content that isn’t performing as well).

Regarding the content we create at WSI, we continue to produce monthly infographics since they are still doing well. However, we observe that how-to content and lists (our video content) are shared more often than our “average” content.

Another fascinating conclusion we can draw from this graph is that the number of shares per platform remains in line with the chart above.

However, there are one exception information graphic shares on Pinterest surpass Google+ shares and are more similar to Twitter’s shares compared to the typical norms.

It makes sense, as Pinterest is an interactive platform, but it also shows that you need to include your perspective and knowledge in these findings. The average shares on Pinterest are low.

However, Pinterest is still young and expanding rapidly and is the perfect platform for visuals and images, so there’s an opportunity to boost our presence on the forum.

Avgshares-length Image

This is an excellent chart, particularly when you’re a proponent or a proponent of the concept of Content Marketing. Posts that contain more than 1000 words are shared more than twice as often than posts that are less than 1,000 word count (which are shared less frequently than our average amount of shares per post in the past year).

In essence, our readers find longer posts more share-worthy.

Possibly because longer posts allow them to provide more details that are presented in a fun and engaging way.

In a more general way, this data set illustrates that you cannot simply write a couple of hundred words of information.

Be expected to make it successful however it’s an incredibly common thing to do across the internet.

The truth is that quality is superior to quantity. You aren’t able to write 1500 words of absurdity and then win the internet. There are a lot of limitations for a blog that is 300 words, and the numbers confirm that greater depth is more understanding, relevancy and knowledge.

To help you compare comparison, let’s look at the exact length of the content chart for HubSpot among our associates (who could be a rival in the blogosphere of digital marketing):

Avgshares-length_2 Image

HubSpot’s data show a direct relationship between the length of a post and the number of times it is shared when the number of words in a post increases the shares.

Note: click here

Take a look under The Hood.

Another advantage of BuzzSumo’s capabilities is its ability to provide a quick overview of the backlinks your well-known pieces of content are producing. Indeed, backlink data is also available through other tools.

Which are free and paid, but it’s nice to get all of this information in one place. Backlinks are also sorted according to each backlink source’s largest amount of shares. The information below appears to be (and you can export it into Excel (or CSV):

Backlinks Image

Be on the lookout for

One final suggestion for assessing and evaluating the quality of your material is to remain current in the world of digital.

BuzzSumo’s Content Alerts service lets you stay ahead of the curve by setting up alerts for brand names or keywords, backlinks or authors:

Content Alert Image

For example, I’ve created a backlink alert on this domain (our website WSIWorld.com); every time a link is added to WSIWorld, I’ll be informed of it when it’s discovered. This feature can be used in various ways, both to monitor the content and activities of our own and that of our competition. It could also be used to aid in the curation of content. 

For instance, if I add an author whose work I am sure creates content that the audience would like to devour.

I’ll instantly be aware of any new content to share without the need to hunt for it.

Numerous tools can be used to monitor social media content (and there’s probably more while you go through this). Sometimes, however, staying simple is the best option, so we like BuzzSumo.

It’s simple to use and understand, it offers great reporting options, accessing data for the entire year isn’t a problem.

You can also set real-time alerts to data. This is a simple method for many companies and brands to track and evaluate content.

Note: https://businessfig.com/

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