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Top Dog Training Facilities in Bangkok

A well-trained dog can be a joy to have around. Whether you want to train your puppy or an older dog, there are many options for dog training Bangkok that can help you achieve your goals.

A good trainer will use positive reinforcement to train your dog and make it more obedient. This is based on the science of animal learning and has the added bonus of strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Camp K-9 Bangkok

K-9 Bangkok is a full-service dog training and boarding facility. It provides private lessons, group classes and behavior modification services to clients. In addition, it offers specialized courses for military and police working dogs. Its training facilities are designed to be a stress-free experience for pets, as well as their owners. It also provides a safe environment for dogs that have been abandoned and need a new home. In addition, its staff is trained to help adopters find the right pet.

Camp K-9 is designed to help dogs with their socialization, obedience and behavior issues. The facility’s trainer, Nofo Lilo, has extensive experience in dog training and resolving behavior problems. She has worked as a military and police working dog handler, as well as a personal trainer. She uses a common sense approach to training that addresses each dog on an individual basis. The training focuses on basic commands, as well as other behavioral concerns.

Unleashed BKK

Unleashed BKK is an awesomely snazzy dog training center that will provide your canine with a lifetime of joy. The training center is a great place to learn the basics of dog obedience, but it is also an excellent venue for advanced classes. Located in the heart of downtown Bangkok, this dog training facility is perfect for anyone who wants to take their training up a notch. The center offers boarding, extensive training, and the most comprehensive pet insurance package in town. The tuition is 32,500 baht and includes multiple training sessions and pick up from your home in Bangkok.

Zoeta Dogsoul

If you’re looking for the best dog training Bangkok has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. This small and surprisingly effective dog school is led by the country’s premier canine training enthusiast, Sebastian. A master of canine behavior and training, he’s got over 20 years of experience under his belt and is well on his way to becoming a dog whisperer. Zoeta Dogsoul is the best of breed when it comes to high quality, low stress training. Their facility is also home to one of the best dog boarding facilities in town. Unlike most kennels in the area, they have a staff of trained dog caretakers ready to take your best friend away from your hectic schedule. They also have a plethora of high quality toys and treats to keep your canine companion entertained for the day and beyond.

Trail and Tail

Located on Sukhumvit Road, Trail and Tail is the first pet-friendly community mall in Bangkok. Founded by Chana Hetrakul, it measures 6,400 square metres and provides full facilities for your furry friends to hang out and enjoy.

It features an indoor dog park, a pet hotel with 24-hour caretakers and a pet-friendly cafe. There’s also a shop selling premium products and the world’s first veterinarian-supervised pet clinic.

The dog park is fenced and includes water taps for dogs to quench their thirst. This is a free-to-enter venue and there are plenty of parking spots available too.

Trail and Tail is a fantastic place for dogs to exercise and socialise, and it’s one of the best places to take your dog in Bangkok. They also offer various services such as grooming and swimming. The facilities are huge and the staff is friendly and professional. You can even go for a meal at their restaurant. They accept dogs of all breeds and are open daily from 10:00 am – 19:00 pm.

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