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Top Benefits of hiring a permanent recruitment agency

Hiring the services of permanent recruitment consultancy for companies is a rewarding decision to make! Here we will explore the benefits that come with hiring a recruitment consultancy, from their reputation of reliability to their superior understanding and knowledge of certain sectors. This is another way companies can improve the experience for both themselves and the candidates. Their approach also makes it easier to align goals, resulting in seamless communication between company and candidate.

What is permanent recruitment consultancy?

A permanent recruitment consultancy is a business that helps large organizations hire new people from a global pool of qualified applicants. It can be defined as an organization that provides skilled professionals for positions in various industries like finance, sales, manufacturing and more. This can be done by providing training periods to the candidates before they are hired by the company.

By using a permanent recruitment consultancy, employers can benefit from extensive resources and manpower at an affordable price. In order to stay competitive in today’s human capital market, companies should employ these resources instead of relying solely on their internal recruitment team or outsourced search firms which usually offer lower salaries and less qualifications than international candidates.

Every year, organizations seek out a new diverse workforce to fill a variety of job roles. However, this can quickly turn into an expensive and time-consuming practice that they do not need to make. These companies are able to find the right fit for their needs by partnering with a permanent recruitment consultancy and gaining valuable resources at an affordable price.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars or months on hiring local candidates for specific positions, the company can invest this money into their permanent recruitment consultancy and use international professionals from a global pool. These individuals are in high demand from companies around the globe that want to fill open positions according to their needs and specifications.

1. Quality candidates

When you hire permanent recruiting agencies in Saudi Arabia, they take the time to find the right candidates for your company. This means you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing the research yourself. They provide deep insights into the right person for the job.

2. Time saving

Finding quality candidates is made easier when you work with a recruitment consultancy, as they narrow down your search based on certain factors such as skill sets, age and salary range.

3. Skills matching

An agency will be able to provide suitable candidates for your company as they take time to find the right fit. They consider vital skills, experience and values that your company or client may require. You know the candidate has a good chance of fitting into their new role when they pass the skills testing stage.

4. Linked skills

Every new person has to learn the new job. Permanent recruitment give candidates a chance to learn whilst working in their new role at your company. This is another way recruitment agencies can help you. Their candidate pool can provide a wider range of skills that match your company’s specific needs.

5. Recruitment process streamlined

Hiring with a permanent recruitment agency means you can optimize the whole recruitment process for your company. The agency will do all the hard work for you, making it easier for you to focus on running your business and finding the most suitable candidate for all roles available in 2018.

6. Employee retention

Permanent recruitment make it easier to keep your staff happy and content by providing a better working environment. This is important for companies as they can save money on recruitment fees, whilst having more control over the employee they want to hire. The best permanent recruiting consultants will also develop new processes with their employees to improve the hiring experience for both parties.

7. Customer satisfaction

When searching for your new employees, you want it to go smoothly and get the results you need quickly and effectively. You also don’t want people who are going through a strained process, getting frustrated or annoyed along the way. By hiring with a recruitment agency, you can ensure you get the right people into the right roles quickly and efficiently.

8. Reduced stress

When you hire a permanent recruitment agency, their focus is placed on finding quality candidates for your company. This means you don’t need to do all the hard work yourself, nerves and stress will be kept to a minimum in the recruitment process. This reduces stress levels for both candidate and employer, which leads to more productive results from each role filled. It’s easy to see why so many companies choose permanent recruitment over temporary staffing agencies when it comes down to finding quality candidates that fit into an organization’s culture perfectly!

9. No employment agency fees

Human Resource departments are always looking for a way to cut costs and when it comes to finding new employees, they consider the recruitment agency fees that need to be paid. By hiring with a permanent recruitment agency, you don’t pay any staff leasing of temporary staffing taxes (no employment agency fees). You also won’t be charged extra if they find you more than one suitable candidate. This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring permanent recruitment agencies, as many companies look to reduce costs wherever they can. You’ll need to provide them with a competitive salary grade in order to attract good candidates with the right skills!

10. Better reputation

Working with a recruitment agency today can help your company improve its reputation as they supply you with the right candidate for each job role. It also means less time spent looking for new employees and also lowers costs. It’s safe to say then that recruitment agencies are worth investing in to keep your business running smoothly. There is always room for improvement and when it comes to recruitment, you should look at ways to develop the process further.


Hiring permanent recruitment is a decision that will make your company more profitable. The time saving aspect of the process means you won’t have to look for new employees on behalf of your business, which is a huge time saver for companies. The best recruiters will be able to find the right candidates for your business or clients, as they are specialists in their own field.

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