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Top 7 Reasons Why Hosted PBX Software is Great for Your Business

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, where there’s sky-rocketing competition, effective communication plays a critical part in the success of a business. While most companies still prefer traditional phone systems, switching to hosted PBX software can help them gain a competitive edge in the market. The way businesses communicate with their customers determines their long-term success. 

In addition to this, a hosted PBX system brings with it several advantages that enable businesses to transform their communication and elevate the customer service experience. If you haven’t switched to hosted IP PBX software yet, this blog covers the top 7 reasons why it’s a great deal for your business to grow and succeed.

But before you delve into the advantages of this new-age business phone system, take a look at what exactly PBX means. 

Decoding Hosted PBX Software

With the constantly evolving business scenario, communication has become the only key to success. Businesses need a reliable and advanced business phone system to seamlessly communicate with their employees as well as customers. And if you’re looking for innovative ways to break all the communication barriers within your organization, hosted PBX software is the solution.

A hosted PBX software also called an IP PBX system (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange system), is a business-class phone system provided over the internet. This software includes the ability for businesses to make or receive phone calls over the internet. Besides, it routes incoming calls to the right agents inside the company and adds several standard features of business phone systems such as automatic call distribution, voicemail, Find Me/Follow Me, multi-level IVR, and more. 

Not only are these business phone systems simple, cost-effective, and reliable, but they also offer a myriad of other benefits like easy implementation, 24*7 customer support, etc. As this system also entails flexibility and reporting, it significantly boosts agents’ productivity by 3.9 weeks per agent/employee. 

Furthermore, it enables businesses to improve their internal and external communications. With hosted PBX software, businesses of all sizes can reap several other benefits. Let’s look into some of the advantages the Hosted PBX system offers.

7 Key Benefits of Hosted PBX System

Hosted IP PBX software offers advantages over on-premise business phone systems that can help businesses grow in numerous ways. So let’s dive deeper into the benefits of hosted PBX software and understand how these systems can enable your business to advance your communication levels.

1) Offers flexibility and scalability

Businesses expand and contract all the time, so will its needs for communication. Modern hosted IP PBX phone systems are designed to offer several solutions that can be easily changed to meet your business’s ever-changing needs. These systems can be integrated with other cloud applications for different functionalities, such as flexible and remote working solutions. Therefore, with the help of hosted PBX software, you can easily scale up or scale down your services and pay accordingly.

2) Allows integrations across multiple locations

By using a hosted PBX system, you can enable your customers to have a single phone number to reach out to your business at any location. This system is typically ideal for companies or organizations with remote or limited bandwidth connections, remote offices, or any business needing an advanced platform to streamline internal communications. In addition to this, the software allows easy connectivity for call center agents through audio and video conferencing using different devices.

3) Reduces cost

Another important benefit that a hosted IP PBX software has to offer to your business is the savings on cost. As per StartupANZ , small-scale businesses can reduce their startup costs by up to 90% by switching to VoIP-hosted business phone systems. Whether you call a local or an international customer, the calling cost reduces significantly because of the SIP trunking offered by VoIP technology. SIP stands for System Initiation Protocol that uses an IP network to transmit voice and data.

4) Gives better call quality

A hosted PBX software ensures better quality than a traditional PBX phone system. Besides, it provides agents with access to other useful calling features like call parking, call forwarding, and call recording that enables them significantly improve their customer service experience.

5) Improves disaster recovery

Businesses can use the hosted PBX business phone system as a disaster recovery plan so that their customers don’t need to wait on the call. With this system, the calls during the disaster recovery can be rerouted to a different phone number or IVR. Therefore, it eliminates downtime and keeps your business running efficiently.

6) Allows easy accessibility

Businesses that have their branches and customers worldwide, can simply switch to such hosted PBX software to ensure the smooth running of the business. With the help of this system, call or contact center agents working remotely or from different geographical locations can make or receive calls from anywhere in a safe and secure environment.

7) Easy setup & configuration

IP PBX software is one of the best business phone systems that offer an intuitive web-based interface to allow your IT staff to quickly install the system and manage it effortlessly. Its auto-provisioning feature ensures set up in no time which significantly improves functionality, reduces certain manual operations, and saves agents’ time. As a result, it improves the productivity and efficiency of call center agents. It also comes loaded with lots of other features like call monitoring, automatic call distribution, phone book management, multi-level IVR, and many others, which improve the overall calling operations and ensures uninterrupted and efficient service.

Upgrade your business phone system with Hosted PBX Software

When it comes to increasing customer satisfaction and futureproofing business communications, it’s often difficult for businesses to choose the right system. With a hosted IP PBX software, a business can reap several benefits like scalability, flexibility, easy accessibility, and choose the best and the most reliable software.

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of hosted PBX systems for your business, consider investing in one. If you’re looking for one of the best IP PBX Software for your business, consider investing in HoduPBX, crafted by HoduSoft, an India-based UC software maker. Equipping your business with next-generation Unified Communications technologies, you can ensure to make all your business communications seamless.

If you want to learn more about the comprehensive product suite offered by HoduSoft, check out their official website here.

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