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Top 7 Agile Project Management Certifications in 2023 at Knowlathon

Agile is one of the world’s fastest-growing fields nowadays. One approach provides numerous benefits, such as higher-quality products, improved project control, and increased ROI, resulting in satisfied clients and customers. Learning Agile is simple and can be accomplished with an agile project management certification. So, if you want to learn agile and add another feather to your cap, you should first understand what agile is.

What is the Definition of Agile Project Management Certification?

Agile has been a major changer in the software development business, and more organizations are now trying to implement this technology. They can better manage and produce their products with agile support, helping them retain clients. For industries to use agile approaches, experienced agile-certified individuals are required.

The Agile certification course teaches interested individuals how to optimize project performance by implementing various concepts. A Project Management Certification online recognizes an individual’s skills and ability to manage projects effectively in an elegant setting.

Why should you possess Agile Certification?

Several types of research have been conducted to compare the success rate of projects completed using agile vs. traditional waterfall methodologies. The results showed that agile approaches were 64% more successful than waterfall methods, which were 49% more successful.

This data has risen to the top of why firms seek out agile-certified individuals.

In the event of a personal approach, an agile certificate can assist an individual in developing in their work and earning a higher salary. A project management certification can also assist in expanding their knowledge and staying current with modern technologies.

Who should enroll in the Agile Certification Course?

The following individuals would benefit the most from an agile project management certification:

  • Project supervisors
  • Team captains
  • Agile Scrum Masters
  • Product managers
  • Iteration Managers
  • Agile projects managers
  • Agile coaches/trainers

Anyone can take a project management certification online course to become acquainted with elegant ideas and practices.

Top 7 agile project management certifications in 2023

Here are the top seven agile certification courses that one can take in 2023 to get successful in the agile world.

PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers this course, which covers a variety of methodologies such as scrum, lean, extreme programming, kanban, and test-driven development. The system requires a secondary degree, 21 agile practice training contact hours, and eight months of elegant project experience in the last three years.

The cost of this course for a member of PMI is $435 and for a non-member is $495. After completing this project management certification, an individual can expect to earn an average yearly salary of $86,000 as a product manager. Any candidate who works on an agile team is eligible.

Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM)

APMG International’s AgilePgM certification provides the planning, management, and communication abilities essential for agile program implementation. It provides hands-on experience with incremental development, in which each successive product version is usable and builds on the prior iteration based on user feedback.

The AgilePgM can be earned without coursework, which is available from various training providers for individuals that require it. The course fees are $160.

ICAgile – Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC)

Any agile coach or aspirant can apply for one of three certification levels: professional, expert, or master. The only prerequisite is essential agile methodology experience and work experience as an agile practitioner; this training is typically delivered through study materials, classroom activities, discussions, and case studies.

The training course provider determines the course charge for this certification. After completing it, an individual can look for an agile coach position with a starting salary of $136,000 per year.

PRINCE2 Agile Project Management Certifications

The Agile approach and Projects IN Controlled Environments 2 are combined in the PRINCE2 Agile Project Management certifications (PRINCE2). They are intended to teach professionals how to manage projects in an agile setting. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner are the two levels of certification offered by the PRINCE2 Certification Course.

Agilepm Foundation certification provides the certification, and there are no prerequisites to apply for this course. However, to pursue agilepm practitioner certification, you must first have a PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification. The blended pack costs $1860, and the online PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner course costs $1555.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

Scrum is one of the most prominent agile approaches, and with a scrum certification, one can access tools that can help them bring agile concepts to life at work. The Certified ScrumMaster degree demonstrates knowledge of the Scrum framework and an awareness of team accountability, events, and artifacts. It is also available as an advanced proficiency in addition to the fundamental certification (Certified ScrumMaster Professional). 

The Scrum Alliance administers the certification and recommends the CSM for Scrum Masters, business analysts, and new Scrum team members from several sectors. The cost varies depending on the course, but it typically begins at $450 for CSM and $750 for CSM professionals, which includes the course examination price.

SAFe Scaled Agilists

This course is tailored to professionals with at least five years of experience in software testing and development. The certification teaches applicants how to use SAFe to establish business agility and increase quality, productivity, employee engagement, and time-to-market. It teaches certification holders how to make organizations more customer-centric and organize critical SAFe alignment and planning activities like PI planning.

This certification lasts only two days and consists primarily of a full explanation of Lean-Agile leadership principles and SAFe in agile. The course tuition ranges from $650 to $900.

Certified Agile Project Manager (IAPM)

This course is provided by the International Association of Project Managers for professionals who want to increase their knowledge and abilities in agile project management. The Agile PM Guide 2.0, a thorough handbook that covers the fundamentals of each agile methodology, including scrum, kanban, and extreme programming, provides the foundation for this certification.

There are no requirements for applying to this course; however, previous project management experience or a project management certification would be advantageous. The country determines the cost of this course. For example, the charge in the United States is $689, whereas the fee in the United Kingdom is £475.


The courses described above are only a few of the best agile project management certifications accessible in 2023. Anyone wishing to develop their career in the agile field can select a course in KNOWLATHON based on their skill set and qualifications.

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