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Top 6 Things to Consider & Ask Before Purchasing Refurbished iPhones


The Iphone is the most valuable product lineup from the company Apple and they do not come cheap. So whenever people get an iPhone at a cheaper price they jump on the opportunity and buy them. Apple also knows this so they have their official refrushbishing policy too. So in case you are also on the lookout for a refurbished iPhone then here are some things you need to consider and ask the store owner or person buying from:

  1. Locked or Unlocked: 

Iphones come with a feature called Activation Lock. This is a theft protection system which Apple made to prevent unauthorized usage or wiping of your iPhone. So whenever you are buying an used or refurbished iPhone make sure that  this activation lock is disabled. The process to check whether the said device is with activation lock activated or not is quite simple. On a side note if you want to buy certified refurbished wholesale iPhone then check this out.

Simply head over to Apple’s dedicated website and input the phone’s IMEI number and then see its status. If everything is good then go to the iPhone’s settings then General then click reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings and then wait for a while. If you are asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID during this process then contact the seller or person from whom you bought this refurbished iPhone.

Locked or Unlocked
  1. Warranty:

Apple gives the same standard warranty irrespective of the iPhone’s status of ownership. You can easily check your respective refurbished iPhone’s warranty status by heading over to Apple’s website and then clicking on the respective warranty status page. Sometimes owners buy Applecare packages too alongside their iPhone so it might be beneficial for you if you get your hands on such a refurbished iPhone which has a Apple care package. Since Apple’s repair charges are very expensive for some people and some repairs can cross the price you paid for your refurbished iPhone too.

  1. Invoice:

This is not an iPhone issue but rather a consumer protection issue. So if you are purchasing a refurbished iPhone then always insist on an original invoice, because without one you can’t even claim or extend your warranty with Apple. A valid invoice also certifies the genuineness of your purchase and if you are given one then it also means you have certain additional consumer rights too. You need not insist on a physical invoice especially considering Covid-19 situation, so a digital invoice will also do.

  1. External Damage: 

Refurbished iPhones are graded by a certifying authority and then sold according to grades. Apple has incorporated a Liquid Contact (LC) indicator on all iPhones above 5. Use that indicator to check for any water damage or other liquid damage if any and then decide to buy that specific iPhone or not. This is important because Apple will honor no warranty claim if the device is damaged due to any external liquid or water. Also the antennas are there on the side of the iPhone so look for any external damage to the iPhone’s body too. Check that because if there is damage then you will get a bad cell reception on your newly bought refurbished iPhone.

  1. Battery Health:

Apple has incorporated a software feature from iOS 11.3 onwards which displays the battery health of the iPhone. This feature is available from iPhone 6 onwards. What happens is over time the battery capacity of the iPhone degrades and ultimately after a few years it dies. But long before that there will be a notification displayed which will say ‘Your battery’s health is significantly degraded.’ So if this notification pops up then go to your nearby Apple service center and they will fix it. As a buyer of an iPhone if you are getting a device which already has a degraded battery then refrain from buying that iPhone. You can still use that iPhone but why should you buy an iPhone by spending so much money and then again spending money for its repair. This is why you should not do this.

  1. Original Accessories:

Apple includes their premium airpods with every iPhone and the lightning adapter and cable too. From iPhone 7 onwards you will get a lightning to 3.5mm adapter too. If you are specifically buying a refurbished iPhone without its original accessories then you must insist on an upfront discount otherwise demand the original accessories. You can buy those accessories from any Apple retail store too, but why should you spend additional money when you can get them for free while purchasing your refurbished iPhone.


Apple’s devices are mostly reliable for a longer duration of time i.e they are built to last. So you can go ahead and buy a refurbished iPhone if you are getting one in a good condition.

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