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Top 5 Courses to Study in Australia for International Students

Study in Australia

Australia is now one of the hubs for international students. Students prefer to pursue a higher education in Australia for a variety of reasons – ranging from quality education to excellent opportunities and the incredible lifestyle this country offers – the list goes on. So, let’s check top 5 course to study in Australia for international students suggested by study in Australia consultants.

Courses to Study in Australia

The multicultural and diverse learning atmosphere prepares students perfectly for the Australian workspace. Being a migration and studying Australia in India and also having offices in Sydney, Adelaide and Reservoir (VIC), we come across many international students asking for the best courses to study in Australia. Well, we always suggest taking courses related to their training; however, this may not be possible all the time.

Also, pursuing these courses from best and reputed college will demand IELTS test score. For study in Australia you should score at least 5.5. Also, best college demands 7 bands. So, always try to score excellent in IELTS. And to score best in IELTS you should join the best IELTS coaching in Jaipur or near your hometown. As they will help you to get good score with proper guidance.

Most international students come to Australia with the primary objective of obtaining permanent residency. This is why students need to plan a path that helps them earn PR eventually. As Australia has a points-based system for public relations, students take the courses. It is in high demand and to gain work experience in the relevant field, eventually leading to public relations in Australia.

List of courses to study in Australia

Although there is no fixed formula that can grant easy public relations in Australia. But we generally suggest that students enroll in permanent courses. Mentioned below are some of the courses that can generally lead to public relations, provided the student gains relevant and significant work experience after course completion. In addition, the student must accumulate enough PR points to obtain the PR.

Here are some of the most attended courses that have a high likelihood of PR in Australia, provided the student gains significant relevant experience.


Nursing can be said to be one of the most taken courses in Australia. The demand for medical professionals has always been huge in the past and it will also continue to increase in the future, thus making nursing one of the most attended programs in Australia. Nursing is also a highly respected and well paid profession in Australia.

Demand for the program is so high that students usually need to register well in advance of their session. Also, due to the high demand for nursing professionals in the healthcare industry, most nursing graduates easily get relevant jobs and eventually get public relations in Australia.

IT – Information Technological

With new advancements in the field of information technology occurring from time to time, the demand for quality IT professionals is highest at present. With almost every industry focused on information technology these days, the fields available for IT professionals are huge. There is a huge demand for cyber security professionals, IT managers, hardware specialists and many other similar profiles in different sectors in Australia, thus attracting students to choose IT programs.


Accounting as a profession is on the list of in-demand professions; however, the number of students enrolling in accounting and related courses has remained constant over the years.

Every organization, big or small, needs to manage its finances on a regular basis. And therefore requires accounting professionals all the time, thus creating a constant demand for accounting professionals across the country. A student with an accounting degree with a professional year program and relevant work experience can easily score PR points.


The MBA has become the new “evergreen” course due to its application in a wide variety of industries. Almost all organizations need people in management; this creates a constant demand in the market for management professionals. Thus making management one of the preferred courses for international students.

Also, students from all walks of life can take a management course because of its application in all sectors.

Education and Teaching

Another in-demand field of study is education and teaching. With new teaching methodologies introduced and new niche subjects taught to students. The demand for teachers and educators has steadily increased. This demand has increased the number of students enrolled in education and teaching related programs.

In addition to being highly respected, jobs in this field are also well paid. A graduate student in the field of education and teaching with relevant experience can easily rack up PR points.

Although there are many courses that students frequently enroll in, the cycle is mainly determined by the demand and supply of various industries. As an education and migration consultant in Australia, we must always anticipate industry trends and deliver courses accordingly. We always ask students to avoid changing courses just to extend their stay in Australia. It may even possibly hamper their overall profile.

On the other hand, one of the best approaches is to start early and plan classes accordingly. Education and migration officers can be of great help in suggesting the best courses based on student education, financial health, and other important factors.

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