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Top 5 Courses at the University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire (UOH) is a public university located in the county of Hertfordshire, UK. Hatfield is the home of the University of Hertfordshire. Hatfield Technical College, its forerunner, was founded in 1948. It was named one of the top 25 technology colleges in the UK in 1959. The British government designated Hatfield Polytechnic University in 1992 and renamed it the University of Hertfordshire. It is one of the universities established after 1992.

The University of Hertfordshire has two main campuses, one in College Lane and the other in De Havilland. It has approximately 25,130 students as of 2021, out of which over 5,200 are international students from over 100 countries. With almost 2,700 employees, including 812 academics, the institution is counted among the largest employers in Hertfordshire. It earns a revenue of around £235 million every year. The University has nine schools of learning: Hertfordshire Business School, Computer Science, Creative Arts, Education, Health and Social Work, Humanities, Life and Medical Sciences, Hertfordshire Higher Education Consortium, Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science, and Hertfordshire Law School. The University is a member of the University Alliance, European University Association, and Universities UK.

Top University of Hertfordshire Courses

The University has a wide range of options to meet your needs. Here is the list of the five best undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Hertfordshire:

  • Accounting and finance

Accounting and finance degrees are career-starting credentials that prepare you to lead in today’s global economy. These courses, designed in collaboration with top professional organisations and presented by lecturers with extensive industry experience, will expose you to current trends, practices, and concepts in accounting, business, economics, and finance.

  • Animation, film, and digital

Build your career in the changing world of animation, cinema and digital media so that your creative juices can flow and your imagination can be revived. Working in the creative industries, from photography to creating animations for cinema, television and video games, is exciting. The University provides a truly educational experience with strong business relationships, professional teaching, and a strong business attitude.

In recent years, many of the animation, film, and digital students from the University have been nominated or won for international competitions, including the Royal Television Society London Student Television Awards, the Best Art School at the World Console, and the PC Production Excellence Award.

  • Art, design, and fashion

From fine art and photography to fashion, graphic design, illustration, and animation, you’ll be able to express yourself in a variety of media with the help of the University of Hertfordshire’s team of professionals, who each bring their research, experience, and passions to their teaching. The course offers amazing facilities and studio spaces that will help you develop your natural skills by giving you complete creative freedom while you work on individual and group projects to enable prospective employers to see your natural flair.

  • Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineers are at the cutting edge of technology, designing and manufacturing anything from light planes to space exploration spacecraft. The aerospace engineering program at the University is a vibrant and fascinating discipline that encourages practical participation by placing cutting-edge technology in your hands through the use of industry-standard simulation tools and the latest computer-aided design products.

  • Biological sciences

Biological sciences are at the forefront of a new era in which we can use science to find novel solutions to individual, regional, and global problems. The University’s program will help you use an exciting new lens to investigate everything from the smallest molecules and organelles to species and entire ecosystems to solve real-world challenges.

These are the top courses at the University of Hertfordshire. Take your pick, depending upon your aptitude and future plans!


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