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Top 5 Best Romance Novels of 2022 That’ll Fascinate the Readers to the Next Level

There’s nothing better than a good romantic suspense book. So whether you’ve been searching for friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers books or just something fascinating and romantic to read, the best romance books for adults are here to take you on the ultimate rollercoaster ride of deep feelings and ecstasy. And 2022 has turned out to be a great year for love stories or romantic suspense books. So if you love curling up with a rom-com or an emotional romance read, this has been your year. From new adult romance books to historical romance fiction to classic romantic tales with elements of magic and princes, there’s no shortage of un-put-downable reads heading your way. So buckle up to set course for the journey of love, suspense, deceit, and so much more that will hit the readers in the deepest corners of their hearts!  

This blog post is here to save you time and dismiss you from the stress of going through a plethora of book reviews and present you the best adult romance novels of 2022 you wouldn’t want to miss reading:

A Woman Apart

By Lai Tan

Sade Cole was a young girl who had a troubled past. Shaped by loss and pain, she was firm in having full control of her present and future in her own hands. But fate had something else stored for her in the form of the handsome young pop star, Mayowa Fernandez, a man whose very presence took her back to a time of pain, loss, and betrayal. Disturbed by a moment of unforeseen weakness and a night filled with desire, Sade ran away from him as far as she could. Nine years have passed, and their reunion was arranged, not by destiny but by Mayowa, who desired resolution from this particular part of his past. Nevertheless, he did not forestall the power of the sentiments she would set free in him, nor the secret Sade kept buried from the world- their one night together. Older and wiser, Mayowa wanted to untangle the mystery of the woman he still had feelings for!

Always Be My Duchess

By Amalie Howard

Lysander Blackstone, Duke of Montcroix, is trying to secure a new business contract. Still, he has more than a substantial status for not being a person who wishes for long-lasting commitment or a family, which could risk the consequence. Finally, there comes Nève Valery, an ex-ballerina who discovers herself needy for cash and in need of a means to support her sister. Pretending to be betrothed to a duke shouldn’t be that difficult. But while the two clash over every condition presumable, their differences. Personally, economically, and otherwise—this may be the very motive why they’re a perfect couple for each other, and not just to persuasively pull off a momentary deception.

Bet on It

By Jodie Slaughter

Aja and Walker fall in love in a small South Carolina town—complete with Piggly Wiggly—but it turns out that withdrawing to a quieter spot doesn’t always help Aja with things like dealing with her anxiety. Walker is there, at the moment, the very first time they meet. While they begin the journey of dating one another, they’re also aware of each other’s problems and reach a point of approval and acceptance, not despite because of the deeply-rooted hardships that exist. Slaughter has flawlessly portrayed a love story that is as much about sympathy and understanding between two people as they are.

For Butter or Worse

By Erin La Rosa

 Chef Nina, who’s been nominated to host The Next Cooking Champ but declares herself as a name in expert cooking, cannot get past the complications that her co-host, creepy restaurateur Leo. Never mind that Leo has never proposed to piss Nina off; it is just a situation escalating that way! Anyone with self-education in the romance genre recognizes that when two individuals undeniably can’t stand one another, it typically means they’re disguising feelings that go much more profound than simple hate.

A Duchess by Midnight

By Charis Michaels

Drew Trelayne is an ex-wicked stepsister determined to change her behaviors. Now vaguely disowned from her dreadful mother, she’s certain to concentrate her struggles on finding different ways to help others reach their full potential, and what better means to take than opening a finishing school? But to do that, she requires resources, and serving the antisocial Duke of Lachlan makes his nieces endeavor into society appropriately might be the solution to her economic problems. Unfortunately, struggling with their charms to one another shows harder than they imagined, and being caught in a negotiating spot can only end up with one consequence: matrimonial. What happens next? You will have to read the book to find out.

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