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How Vedic Astrology Helps In Taking Key Life Decisions?

‘Be Prepared’ and ‘Precaution is Better than Cure’ are some of the phrases suggested widely to ensure you stay safe while dealing with life challenges. Vedic Astrology is a prominent way to help an individual comprehend and prepare for all that’s coming in life. However, the progressive era is skeptical if Vedic Astrology holds any significance. 

So, before you search sites to talk to Astrologers online to learn about your life predictions, let us comprehend Vedic Astrology by understanding its significance and other related details.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Emanated from two Greek Words – ‘Astra’ meaning ‘A Star’ and ‘Logos’ meaning ‘A Logic or Reason’ – astrology represents the doctrine and law of planets or stars. For ages, Vedic Astrology has enabled us to get predictions and forecasts of our life. These predictions help us keep ourselves ready for whatever situations might arise and act in a best-suited manner. It helps us make vital decisions on our career, marriage, finance, health, and such aspects.

Planetary Movements & their Significance in Vedic Astrology

The study of the planetary positions at the time of our birth, in comparison with the planetary position at any given time in the astrological chart, shows how planet/s impact our lives. The movements of the planets and the moon influence our emotions and mind even without us realizing it. The outcome of these consequences might be positive or negative but definitely help us to underscore the shifts in our lives. Astrology is the study of all these movements of planets and their impact. 

Usually, individuals start believing in astrology once they encounter tragedy or disaster. The word ‘disaster’ combines – ‘dis’ (separation) and ‘aster’ (star) and jointly gives the meaning ‘Separation from the Stars’. Again, this gives us a logical explanation of how the movement of stars, the moon, and eight plants impacts our lives. 

It was thousands of years back Vedic Astrology came into being. This Indian Science, not only predicts but provides reasonable solutions to abide by varying circumstances. The planetary movements impact not only us, but our close relationships as well, such as our spouse, kids, parents, friends, bosses, colleagues, relatives, etc. 

So, as we are discussing so much about our solar system, can we consider astrology a Science?

Indeed, we can consider it the science of time, as every moment holds a specific meaning, bringing some quality and significance. Individuals are born with certain traits based on that particular moment as per the astronomical charts. Thus, a personal horoscope becomes a guide map for an individual’s life. Preparing a birth chart or studying an astrological chart involves astronomy to a great extent, interpreted by certain rules, and is no less than exploring science. An individual’s birth chart uses various combinations to describe different situations in life, including physical & mental abilities, partnerships, marriage, professions, children, and other phases of life.

Importance of Vedic Astrology

At times, we are unable to determine if our actions are right or wrong. Sometimes knowing unknowingly, we set opinions and comparisons, though we are aware these might not be good. 

Vedic Astrology emphasizes how karma builds our destiny. It conveys that one should not depend solely on fate, thus bringing new opinions into our lives and enlightening them. 

Astrology is the study that links our past, present, and future. It helps us understand how we can deal with unfavorable circumstances in life and gives us the means to deal with them. However, it completely depends on us if we want to walk on the path suggested by astrology. 


As Vedic Astrology presents accurate life predictions and gives the needed remedies and solutions, we can easily comprehend the actionable moments and walk through the suggestions given by astrologers. It thus helps us overcome the botherations in life with utmost clarity and in the best possible manner. 


Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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