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Title: Target A Large Audience Using SuiteCRM Bulk SMS

Every business’s primary assignment is to oversee its existing customers and at the same time look after potential shoppers. This supervising task of companies takes a long time and high effort to manage their customers. Numerous tasks, disorganize agents from focusing and spending their treasured time on all other significant tasks. To make your customers engaging, you should have the capability to communicate rapidly and comprehensively. Businesses like to use a platform that is easy to manage & more practical than emails & email marketing since not everyone can afford emails. To manage all your business work and push you to capture new leads we have an incredible solution announced as “SuiteCRM Bulk SMS”. Without getting late take a jump down to know all about this platform and its prominent features. Let’s start!

What Is Bulk SMS Message?

Bulk SMS is a service that allows you to send a large number of text messages to your wide audience. Bulk SMS is unparalleled and reliable performance provider because it is powered by Twilio SMS API. This mass texting service is an incredible method to hand over multiple SMS messages safely and quickly. For running marketing campaigns, promotions, competitions, events, and notifications to employees, bulk messaging is the most suitable platform ever. You can use this platform to perform all the informed activities as it can send a high volume of messages to the customers.

The executed statistical report declares that approximately 65% of the entire population enjoys using bulk SMS. The reason for using bulk SMS may be that it accomplishes more than half of customers at a time without grand effort. Bulk SMS is a flawless service for marketing agencies, advertising, retailers, B2B businesses, financial institutions, banks, travel companies, and agencies. Also, for all types of organizations that desire to create a client list contact and notify them on a regular basis. Apart from this, the bulk SMS platform has various functions that are enough to make your work effortless & in a matter of seconds.

Have a look at whatever Bulk SMS provides

  • Preserve the message conversation: Using this extension every sent and received message of all customers will be saved automatically in the SuiteCRM. So, you can check out the previous conversation with the customer by moving to the record’s history.
  • Reach every type of audience: This plugin allows you to reach a large audience since it is compatible with all SuiteCRM modules. The various SuiteCRM modules are listed as leads, contact, account, target, and even custom ones.
  • Daily SMS activity report: At the end of the day this add-on will send you a daily work report in which you can check out all SMS delivery statistics. That report contains the detail of the total number of messages delivered, received, failed to send, and unsubscribed. Additionally, this report will give you a link to jump to the record directly.
  • Click message: This functionality allows you to initiate personal conversations with anyone instead of bulk messages in the CRM. You just simply need to click on the SMS icon which is next to the phone number.
  • SMS template: To use the prebuilt SMS template you can use the existing SMS template module of the SuiteCRM. Furthermore, The email templates that are you using can also be used for the SMS template.
  • Live chat box: You can use the interactive and adjustable chat box for sending text messages. You can easily type your message and send it to a diverse population with just a single click and in only seconds.
  • Create multiple settings: SuiteCRM Bulk SMS provides the functionality to the agents that they can configure their multiple Twilio phone numbers for sending bulk SMS.
  • Send bulk SMS message: For sending the bulk SMS you need to follow two-step, first select the record to whom you want to send the message (Bulk SMS). After that pick up a suitable template and finally send the message to everyone.
  • Automatic segment recipient: Next to choosing the collective recipients, this plugin creates an automatic future segment target list for the recipient. Belated, you can use this segmented target list to send bulk SMS messages.

Immediate Benefits Of Sending SMS In Bulk

The most important thing about using bulk SMS services is it does provide a low operational cost. The transmission of using bulk SMS messages is more reasonable than voice calls. The advantage to use this mass texting service is that it allows the sender instant communication of one message to multifarious recipients. Due to being more affordable, it provides a high return on investment which is more convenient too. The success secrete of this platform is that more than 90% of text messages are read by the audience within the 3 minutes of delivery. Businesses use to like this service since it gives you the result in a matter of moments.

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