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Tips to Buy Instagram Story Views

If you’re looking to build your Instagram Stories views, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover tips for a few different ways that you can do that. From using a location tag to adding your followers to a Close Friends list, there are a lot of ways that you can help boost your stories’ engagement levels.

Adding an engagement-driving sticker

Adding an engagement-driving sticker to your Instagram Story can be a great way to increase brand awareness and boost traffic. However, it’s important to keep in mind the goal you’re trying to achieve. This will help you decide which types of stickers to use and where to place them.

For example, a polling sticker will give viewers two options. You can either ask them to vote or tell you how they feel about a topic. Polling ads have been found to increase video views. It’s also a great way to learn more about your audience.

Another type of interactive sticker that can help you drive engagement on your Instagram Story is the Add Yours sticker. It creates a public thread in your story where you can ask viewers to respond to specific topics.

Adding followers to a Close Friends list

If you’re looking to boost engagement on Instagram, you may have heard of the Close Friends feature. This is a way to send exclusive content to a segmented list of followers, allowing you to reach out to specific groups of people. Creating a Close Friends list on Instagram is easy and can have a powerful impact on your business.

Whether you’re a new user or an old pro, the Close Friends feature will give you the opportunity to create an audience for your brand. Using the feature, you can sift through thousands of people to find your ideal followers. Then you can share your latest posts with only those you trust.

Using a location tag

One of the best ways to increase your engagement and reach on Instagram is to add a location tag. This can help you attract local customers to your business and increase your exposure. Location tags are easy to use and can increase engagement, reach, and interaction.

There are two main ways to use a location tag on Instagram. The first is to link the tag to a post. Another option is to ask your fans where they are.

To use a location tag, you need to enable the service. Once you’ve enabled the service, you can add locations to your posts, stories, and even videos.

DM groups

A DM group (direct message group) is a closed group of subscribers. It is a great way to share content and build a social network. DM groups can also be a good way to generate brand awareness and increase engagement on your videos. Depending on your niche, there is a good chance you already have a DM group. But you can also create one. If your goal is to gain followers on a shoestring budget, you might want to troll the internet for a DM group to join.

DM groups aren’t for everyone. Although there is no hard and fast rule of thumb, a successful DM group is a time consuming endeavor. However, the benefits outweigh the costs. For example, a successful DM group can help you build brand awareness, develop a social network and increase video and photo content engagement.


If you want to boost your visibility on Instagram Stories, goread is a good place to start. This social media management tool will help you publish content at a convenient time and with custom images. Moreover, goread will monitor your performance and provide you with detailed reports.

The free plan allows you to connect up to three social accounts. However, you can only schedule up to 10 posts at a time.

You can get a 14-day free trial to see how the premium features work. Alternatively, you can switch to RecurPost if you prefer. In this case, you’ll be able to schedule recurring updates, and organize your content into categories.

Social Hungry

In the realm of social media, you’re likely to be stumbling across a few tips to buy insta story views. However, it isn’t all about posting your daily specials, posting a selfie, and tagging your friends. You can also get in on the action by creating a group of like minded individuals and delivering your content through direct message. The key is knowing who to trust and when.

Luckily, there are plenty of sites out there that will gladly do the heavy lifting for you. From there, it’s up to you to decide which ones are worth your time and money. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand, your sales, or just increase your social presence, Instagram Stories are a great way to reach your audience.

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