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Tips For Selecting Infrared Heating Pad Wholesale

Infrared heating pads promote relaxation, increase collagen synthesis and speed up muscle recovery. They are also safe and easy to use. However, you should always follow the recommended period of use and never sleep while it is on.

They come in different sizes and can be made with a variety of fabrics. Some even have a memory function, which means you can save your favorite settings.


The size of an infrared heating pad determines how much area it covers. The bigger the pad, the more space it can cover for deeper pain relief. However, large pads can be less portable and may require more power to operate than smaller ones.

Unlike regular electric heating pads, infrared heat is non-irritating and does not contain harmful radiation. It penetrates the body’s tissues and cells, allowing blood to flow more easily to injured areas. This helps heal damaged muscles, nerves, and joints.

Some infrared heating pads feature stones and crystals such as jade and tourmaline, which emit negative ions and are said to have restorative properties. They are more expensive than pads without them, but some die-hard fans swear by them for their healing properties. This type of pad can increase circulation and stimulate the production of endorphins, which relieve pain. It also helps boost metabolism and relieve stress. This pad is a great choice for those who have chronic back pain and muscle spasms.


Unlike conventional heating pads that use a surface heat to warm up the area of pain, infrared heating pad wholesale emits infrared rays that penetrate the skin’s outer layer to increase blood circulation and heal the tissue underneath. This type of heating is safer and can help relieve chronic pain, headaches, and muscle spasms.

The fabric of an infrared heating pad is also important to consider, as it will impact the comfort level and effectiveness of the product. Look for a soft and comfortable material that is lightweight and breathable to keep you feeling relaxed during your heating sessions.

You should also choose a pad that can be machine-washed to avoid damage to the fabric and reduce bacteria buildup. Lastly, opt for a pad that offers a reasonable warranty period so you can be confident in your purchase. This will give you peace of mind in case the heating pad develops a problem within the warranty period.


Unlike regular heating pads that use electricity, far infrared heating pads emit only natural and harmless infrared rays, which penetrate the tissues and are absorbed by cells. This gentle thermal energy stimulates circulation and relieves pain, without raising the body’s core temperature or increasing blood pressure. As a result, far infrared heating pads are perfectly safe to use even for the most sensitive of skins.

Most of these types of heating pads come with easy-to-use controllers with different heat settings and an automatic shut-off function. They also often include features like a timer, sleep mode, and memory function. Some of them even come with a carrying case for portability. Moreover, these heating pads are usually EMF-free, which means that they don’t emit electromagnetic fields and won’t affect your health.


A heating pad can be dangerous to sleep on if left on for too long, as it can cause burns. A good quality heating pad should be able to automatically shut off after a specified period of time. It should also be easy to clean. Look for pads that are detachable from the wrap and can be machine washed.

Some heating pads use a carbon fiber mat rather than stones, which is more soft and comfortable to sleep on. They are also more portable than those that have stones. Some reviewers found that this pad does not provide the same amount of deep penetrating heat as those with stones.

Many infrared heating pads use gems or crystals like jade, tourmaline, and amethyst for their healing properties. These minerals allegedly emit negative ions that improve circulation and increase relaxation. They also help reduce muscle tension and encourage a restful night’s sleep. However, it is important to choose a heating pad that does not contain toxins or heavy metals.

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