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8 Tips For Increasing Parking Lot Safety

Parking spaces could be dangerous areas if you’re not vigilant of the surroundings. When you leave work to go out for the day or walk back to your car from an outing to shop, then you’re at your most risk. 

The risk of being a victim of kidnappings, attacks, or muggings as well as other criminal acts is increased when going into and out of your vehicle in parking areas or garages as well as various parking facilities. 

Being aware constantly is among the most important security measures you can implement when in a parking space without a companion at any point during the entire day.

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Have a look at this checklist of tricks to stay protected and vigilant when you’re in a parking area or another parking structure.

1. Panic Buttons

Easy to install onto light fixture poles, panic buttons provide people with security no matter the time of day when they’re using the parking lot or garage. 

When they are pressed, panic buttons generate extremely high-pitched alarms that notify security guards and anyone else in the vicinity that someone is at risk and needs urgent assistance. 

They are also helpful to those suffering from an illness.

2. Security Lighting

Install light poles made of steel and LED floodlights in parking areas in areas where they are not altered in any way. Make sure to protect LED lighting fixtures and bulbs with light shield boxes to prevent water damage. 

The lights on parking lot security should be directed directly down to the areas they illuminate. When you install new security lighting during the day, make sure to alter the direction of light when it gets dark. 

Security lighting that is automatic or manual is readily available. The parking lot lights of Photocell automatically activated at dusk and shut off in the early morning.

3. Voice Activated Security Systems

In some instances, it is not possible to watch a CCTV surveillance system 24 hours a day. However, there are CCTV systems available with voice activation. 

For instance, when a person is assaulted in a parking area and begins screaming for assistance, their screams trigger the noise sensors of cameras for surveillance. 

The cameras immediately move toward the noise and are focused on the area of attack. Security guards that patrol the parking area are alerted to the location via cell phones or walkie-talkie signals.

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4. “This Area is Being Monitored in Real-Time”

The simple act of placing signs informing potential thieves that the parking space is protected by video surveillance cameras can discourage a determined thief or carjacker. 

Although you shouldn’t place notices that claim that security guards are monitoring the parking lot, when no one can be seen, placing signs that say “this area is monitored by CCTV” or “parking lot under surveillance” can frighten even the most experienced criminals.

5. Video Surveillance Cameras

Parking lots that are large, and parking garages located in medium to high-crime zones would benefit from installing a CCTV security system and installing cameras for video surveillance. 

CCTV systems offer the ability to monitor properties in real-time by security experts who are trained. The cameras specially designed for surveillance installed around parking areas send images and video to distant monitor screens 24 hours a day. 

CCTVs can be used to detect possible criminal activity prior to it happening. If surveillance cameras spot the perpetrator of a crime, they are able to immediately call the police. 

Surveillance cameras can also take specific images of suspects to aid in identification, leading to faster arrests.

  • Your customers are less likely to experience security when they visit your business at any time during the night or day.
  • Criminals will look for more parking areas that are vulnerable to explore when they discover your property is being monitored all hours of the day
  • Improves customer reputation and feedback ratings on the satisfaction of commercial companies.
  • Reduces the cost of unexpected expenses related to graffiti and other vandalism forms.
  • Helps law enforcement agencies track those responsible for the crime.

Monitoring systems that are not monitored may not be appropriate for every parking lot or garage. 

In general, parking facilities that host hundreds or thousands of patrons every day need to look into installing monitored surveillance systems or hiring security guards to guard the areas.

6. Reminder Signs

People who park in commercial lots as well as parking garages typically looking to go shopping or to make an appointment in time. 

They don’t think about locking their doors or being aware of their surroundings, or carrying valuables home instead of putting them in their car. 

The placement of “reminder” signs throughout a garage or lot can help in curbing the amount of crime that occurs in parking spaces.

7. Practice Proactive Parking Lot/Parking Garage Maintenance

  • Replace damaged light fixtures when they begin to show indications of malfunction.
  • Repair potholes, cracks, and other asphalt damages seasonally.
  • Clean up any spills from auto fluids at least once per week
  • Clean up your waste bins frequently
  • Remove any bushes around parking lots for commercial businesses where necessary. Criminals can cover themselves in bushes or trees in the vicinity of parking lots for businesses and wait for someone else to park in the area near the bushes.

If you can, take down any plants that can serve as a hiding place for criminals. A well-maintained park can discourage criminals by sending the message that this parking space could be monitored.

8. Parking Lot Directional Signs for Drivers

Alongside robberies and car thefts, parking area crime also includes reckless drivers, road rage incidents, and arguments regarding parking space. 

The signs that tell motorists to be more cautious, take care when driving and only park in designated areas could remind drivers to be respectful to other drivers. Signs with arrows that direct drivers to panic buttons or exits, emergency phones as well as other items that can be helpful can also help improve the safety of parking lots.

Final Words

These are some of the important tips to consider while planning the security of parking lots. By following these tips you can be sure that you have drastically improved the safety of your parking lots.

Contact asphalt contractors to make your parking the safest one.

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