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Tips for Choosing a China Tape Manufacturer

When choosing a tape or adhesive for bonding applications, it is important to consider the joint, surface and manufacturing process. Liquid adhesives and tapes are available in many different chemistry families that may provide varying performance characteristics. These characteristics include reworkability, automation, supply chain simplification and conformance to industry specifications.

1. Quality

It is vital to choose a manufacturer that produces top-notch quality. You want the tape to showcase longevity and strength, which will ensure it holds up well when applied to your packages. It should also have a strong adhesive thickness and various kinds of films, which will allow you to pick the right tape for your needs.

For example, Wajih Ellouze works for Coroplast Tape and specializes in supplier quality, which means that he checks the raw materials that are brought into the factory to make sure they meet Coroplast’s high quality standards. This can be challenging, but he enjoys the challenge.

He has even visited China to see the competition. However, he realized that competing with the Chinese manufacturers on price alone is a fool’s errand.

2. Price

For many customers, price is a factor when choosing a china tape manufacturer. But for high-performance industrial tape, price is not necessarily the primary consideration. Failure of a low-cost box sealing tape might mean a box opens during shipping, but for high-performance industrial tape it could endanger the umbilical cable between a windmill and shore or delay the construction of a suspension bridge at great cost. In the face of this risk, TaraTape’s customers are willing to pay a premium for a company they can trust. Dodd has seen this for himself on his trips to China to observe Chinese tape factories at work.

3. Experience

When you are buying tape, you want to know that the manufacturer has a lot of experience. This is especially important when you are purchasing high-performance industrial tape. These tapes are used in a variety of applications, including construction projects. They are also used to secure components of suspension bridges and power grids.

SINOTAPE (Shenyang) duct tape factory has been in the industry for over 15 years. They are one of the leading manufacturers of duct tape china. They have extensive research and development and production experiences in the field of duct tape. Their duct tape china can guarantee the highest quality at an affordable price.

Kaifi Ahmad
Kaifi Ahmad
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