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Tips For Building Your Brand On Social Media

A strong social media presence is necessary for nearly any type of business to build its brand and become recognizable. No matter which platform you use, you need to determine your goals, figure out who your target audience is, research competing companies, and develop a plan for content. Of course, you need to come up with platform-specific plans as well. 


Instagram focuses on imagery in the form of photographs (its original use) and videos. This means you need to choose images and videos that are beautifully photographed or filmed, elicit emotional responses, and are interesting to look at or watch. Remember to avoid distracting backgrounds by using a custom Zoom background with logo when you film. It’s always a good idea to include descriptive text and hashtags to help people find your page.


The first step to getting noticed on LinkedIn is to optimize your company’s page for searches. Insert keywords that are relevant to your business and what it provides, create high-quality content that provides information, and link to reputable resources when necessary. Then, begin growing your audience by inviting your employees to connect with you on the platform, including adding their job position to their profiles. It also helps if they engage with your content when you post it. Ask questions, use hashtags, and consider sponsoring your best content.


Get your company noticed on Facebook by creating a page specifically for your brand. Do this as an extension of your personal profile but do not create a personal profile for your company. Use recognizable profile pictures and cover photos that use the same font, wording, and coloring as your company’s main logo. Then, start creating content. The best content on Facebook is a combination of text posts, photographs, memes, and reels. Text posts can ask questions or provide company updates, while photographs and memes should relate to your business in some way. Video reels are one of the best ways to get noticed on the platform, but be sure to remove distractions from your videos by using virtual office backgrounds


TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, so it’s a good idea to get your brand on board, especially if your target audience is Millenials or Gen Z. Create a TikTok business account to get started. Then, update your bio, photo, and URL to reflect your company’s goals, brand logo, and website. Then, consider which types of videos you want to create. Informational videos, funny videos, or videos that participate in TikTok trends are most likely to get noticed. Again, remember to use free Zoom office backgrounds to eliminate background distractions. Once you have a solid set of content, you can even try to partner with the many influencers that use the app. 

Social media looks all the same on the surface but each has different goals and algorithms to follow. It will take trial and error to find just want works for you, so don’t be discouraged if you need to make some changes. Soon enough, you’ll have a strong brand following on social media.

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