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Things You Need To Know About PCR In Dubai

Many people require a PCR test to travel, return to work, or because a doctor has ordered one after a previous test came back negative. What then is a PCR test? Does Main Street provide PCR analysis? Similar to fast testing, is it? Here, we have described how the two exams differ from one another. Here is all the information that you should know about the Cheapest PCR test in Dubai.

Things You Need To Know About PCR Test 

Here is everything that you need to know about PCR tests in Dubai.

What is a PCR test?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing is a quick and highly accurate method for identifying specific infectious illnesses and genetic alterations. 

Types Of PCR Tests

These are the different types of PCR tests.

Nasal swab

This entails swabbing to collect a sample from the throat and back of the nose.

Nasal mid-turbinate swab

This procedure, sometimes known as an “NMT” swab, involves drawing a sample from the innermost part of the nostril.


This sample is given by spitting into a tube.


For some PCR testing, a blood sample taken from a vein is necessary.

How Does PCR Test Works

DNA sequences are amplified in PCR tests. These sequences are replicated with the help of DNA primers, DNA bases, enzymes, a buffer solution, and heat cycling. The person being tested must provide a sample in the initial stage. Below, we list the allowed sample kinds.

The sample is then heated by a lab researcher using a specialized device. This divides the inside DNA into two single-stranded fragments. Primer attachment to the template DNA sequences is then made possible as the process cools. It then begins to heat up once more to enable the addition of DNA bases to the templates by a known enzyme called Taq polymerase. The initial DNA sample is duplicated throughout this process, yielding two strands.

To make numerous perfect duplicates of the original DNA segment, the machine can automate the entire procedure and repeat it as often as required.

A diagnostic PCR test uses a machine that replicates genetic material to identify the presence of a pathogen. But certain viruses, like the SARS-CoV-2, are made of RNA rather than DNA. Reverse transcription PCR (rtPCR) is a process that these viruses’ RNA goes through. To copy the RNA, this converts it into DNA.

A PCR test can produce findings in as little as a few minutes or as long as several days. Results from an onsite analyzer come quickly. Due to processing delays, when doctors submit samples to a lab outside their facility, results may not be available for a longer period.

The presence of SARS-CoV-2 appears to be successfully detected by PCR testing. 

What Happened During PCR Test

Typically, providing a sample for a PCR test just requires a few minutes. you don’t need any preparation necessarily. A person can be required to fill out a form with information like their name and birthdate.

Depending on the type of sample the test requires, the next stages will vary. For instance, a doctor may need to insert a lengthy swab into the patient’s nostril, or the patient may be able to perform it on their own. Before withdrawing it and repeating the procedure in the other nostril, the person taking the sample spins the swab in the nose for 10 to 15 seconds. 


PCR tests often carry little to no risk.

  • The type of sample may have an impact on negative impact. For instance, little bruising or soreness that occurs after giving blood usually goes away 
  • Swabs of the nose, throat or both may result in a little discomfort, minor coughing, and a tingling or gagging sensation. These ought to be minor and transient.

Final Word

PCR testing can help in the detection of genetic alterations, malignant cells, and pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 in a medical setting. A sample of bodily fluid is taken for the test, and the genetic material is processed to create several duplicates of it. So here is an ultimate guide to PCR testing in Dubai. You can contact Reliable Testing for all types of tests in Dubai. We hope this information is helpful for you and you can keep this information in mind whenever you or your loved ones need it.

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