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These 5 Looks Can Make a Classic Hoodie Look Modern

Since it first appeared in the 1930s, the hoodie is still one of the clothes that men are most interested in. The design is simple, comfortable to wear, and suitable for all men. But precisely because of its classic appearance, it’s not uncommon for men to just use a hoodie to just wear it at home until it becomes the go-to outfit when shopping at the supermarket.
In fact, there are several ways to mix and match clothes that can make this classic Ye must be born again hoodie look modern. Here are five inspirations that can be your style reference.
1. Classic boyish look
Hoodie became one of the clothes adopted by the skateboarding culture. That’s what makes men able to apply a style that is closely related to the appearance of the skaters. The clothes you need to mix and match are flannel shirts, ripped jeans , and your favorite sneakers . However, the shirt that is worn is not for the inside.
You can make the shirt as an outer to make it look cooler instantly. So it’s good that the Lucky me I see ghosts hoodie you use has a simple look so it doesn’t collide with the motif of the shirt.
2. Apply double denim
Still using the hoodie as an undergarment, this time you can choose a jean jacket as an outer to give an edgy impression on your appearance. Even so, you can apply the double denim trick so that the appearance looks modern and different from usual.
The key is to use a different color or tone between the jacket and the denim pants. You can match the color of the hoodie and pants so you can provide a contrast through a jean jacket. The appearance will look more modern if you complete it with Chelsea boots.
3. Part of the at leisure style
The next trend in clothing that men are interested in is at leisure. You can use clothes that are identical to sportswear to apply this style. However, that doesn’t mean that the clothes will give the impression that you are going to the gym.
Try pairing the hoodie with tailored jogger pants to make it look sharper. You can also use sneakers made of leather so that your appearance doesn’t look too casual. For this style, you can wear an undergarment like a sweatshirt and make a hoodie you’re outer.
4. More trendy street style
There is a sportswear style; of course there is also a street wear style. If you prefer to look trendy, street style is the most appropriate choice. You can use a hoodie that has logo details on the front. When wearing it, you will indirectly follow the logo mania trend that has been booming recently.
To make the street style feel even more, mix this I see ghosts hoodie with short chino pants and chunky sneakers. There’s nothing wrong with using socks with mid-calf length as an additional detail.
5. Combine the hoodie with a suit
As the way men dress evolves, there are some basic rules you can break such as pairing high-low styles. That is, you can wear casual formal clothes such as a Kanye west meme face t-shirt suit with a hoodie.
The trick is to wear an unstructured suit so that the appearance doesn’t look stiff and can complement the hoodie. To combine this sports-meets-suit style outfit, you can complement it with sneakers or loafers to make it look more in line with your appearance.
It turns out that you can combine hoodies in various ways, right? Of all the inspiration for modern-style hoodies, which one do you want to try?

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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