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The Ultimate Sports Bike Under 2 Lakh That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

Sports bikes have emerged as the favourite bike category amongst riders across the country. Their exceptional performance, appealing aesthetics, and advanced ergonomics are some of the key features that make sports bikes highly sought after. Though, riders’ major challenge is finding a sports bike that fits their budget. But this shouldn’t stop you from owning a sports bike, and so we have come up with an ultimate sports bike under 2 lakh. The sports bike boast all-new chassis and cutting-edge specifications and are guaranteed to turn heads whenever you take it for a ride. So, without further ado, let us read ahead and learn about the best sports bike in the market that fit your budget.

Sports Bike Under 2 Lakh That Caters to Every Rider’s Preferences

The Indian bike market is expanding, and numerous options are available for riders to choose from. But one brand that stands out from the crowd is KTM. With exhilarating acceleration, agile handling and top speed, the brand focuses on manufacturing bikes that deliver a thrilling riding experience. KTM sports bike have a distinctive and aggressive design language that differentiates them from other brands. Their sharp lines, bold colours, and unique bodywork give them a visually appealing and sporty look. Here is one of the best sports bikes under 2 lakh from KTM.

KTM RC 125

The KTM RC 125 is a racetrack-focused sports bike launched to cater to riders seeking thrill and speed. The fully faired sports bike under 2 lakh has race-inspired ergonomics ready to take over the street with its redefined firepower. Here are the key specifications of the bike:

KTM RC 125 Engine

The bike features a 124.7cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC engine. With four-stroke configuration, the KTM RC 125’s engine balances power and economy. It utilizes a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) design with four valves, allowing for efficient intake and exhaust flow. The engine’s electronic fuel injection (EFI) system ensures precise fuel delivery, optimizing combustion efficiency and power delivery. This technology enables smooth throttle response and efficient fuel consumption.

While the KTM RC 125’s engine is designed to offer engaging performance, it also meets strict emission standards. It incorporates advanced emission control systems, including a catalytic converter, to minimize harmful exhaust emissions without compromising performance.

KTM RC 125 Handling and Suspension

The KTM RC 125 has high-quality suspension components tuned to deliver a balanced ride. The bike is equipped with WP APEX USD suspension in the front and WP APEX Monoshock suspension in the rear. The upside-down front forks offer enhanced front-end stability and better control during braking and cornering. The front suspension absorbs bumps and irregularities, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride. This rear suspension setup helps maintain stability, even over rough surfaces, ensuring rider comfort and control. It also contributes to the bike’s ability to maintain traction, allowing riders to push the limits confidently. The suspension components on the RC 125 are adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune the setup according to their preferences.

The bike comes with high-performance braking systems that enhance safety and control. The RC 125 features disc brakes on front and rear wheels, delivering reliable stopping power. The braking system ensures precise and effective braking, allowing riders to confidently modulate their speed when needed.

KTM RC 125 Design

The KTM RC 125 features a sleek and aerodynamic profile that exudes a sense of speed and performance. The bike’s design elements enhance its visual appeal but also contribute to its overall performance. The front fairing integrates smoothly with the fuel tank, creating a cohesive and streamlined design. The aggressive front cowl, along with the KTM branding, adds to the bike’s sporty aesthetics.

The bike’s ergonomics are optimized for a sporty riding position, allowing riders to assume a forward-leaning stance. The clip-on handlebars and rear-set foot pegs position the rider for enhanced aerodynamics and control. From the exposed trellis frame to the sharp rear tail section, each element is crafted with precision and attention to detail. The bike features vibrant colour schemes and graphics. The digital instrument cluster provides riders with essential information at a glance, including speed, engine RPM, fuel level, and more. The display is clear and easy to read, enhancing convenience and safety while riding.


Choosing the KTM RC 125 is a decision that brings together the best of both worlds: an unrivalled riding experience and the legacy of KTM’s racing prowess. With a reputation for pushing boundaries, KTM delivers a motorcycle that embodies passion, precision, and performance. The KTM RC 125 captures the essence of KTM’s heritage, offering thrilling rides. From its striking design to its dynamic handling, every aspect of the bike reflects KTM’s commitment to excellence, making it one of the best bikes under 2 lakh. For those seeking a motorcycle that exudes power and adrenaline, the KTM RC 125 is the perfect choice.

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Junaid Awan
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