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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Retargeting

This article will show you how to set up Instagram Retargeting Ads and give you the best practices for Insta retargeting advertising campaigns.

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Different types of Instagram Retargeting

Based on the audience.

  • Site visitors

These users are familiar with your brand because they have visited your site before.

You can use Facebook Events Manager to create a Facebook pixel and then install it on your website. The pixel allows you to track the visitors to a page and those who place an order but don’t finish the purchase.

  • Mobile app users

You can create a list of people who have used your app or game and then set up ads on Instagram for these people.

  • List of customers

Make a profit by using the Instagram customers list.

  • Your content is engaging users.

You can locate them in Facebook Ads Manager’s Use Facebook Sources section.

Instagram business profile: Find users who interacted in your profile – they visited it, sent you DMs, liked your posts, and viewed them.

Form for lead generation: Collect a list of people who have filled out the form or opened it by clicking on the advertisement.

Instant Experience: This is a full-screen format used for mobile ads on Stories or Instagram feed. You can use this to promote your product, create carousels photos, or tag images with your product( comprar 100k seguidores instagram ) It draws in an audience who has seen the ad full-screen and interacted with it.

Shopping: An audience that interacted on Instagram with shopping tags

Instagram Retargeting Audiences: Who Can You Retarget?

Your Instagram ads can be shown to people already familiar with the offer but whose actions have not resulted in a conversion.
They visited your website but didn’t buy anything.

  1. Your customers are people who have made a purchase or performed another conversion action.

To increase your profits by upselling, you can display the ads to them. You might offer a discount for a new purchase, for example.

How to create a retargeting audience for Instagram ads

Let’s say that the website is your audience-gathering source.

In Facebook Ads Manager, open the Audiences section.

Click on Create Audience and then Custom Audience.

Choose a website

You can add people to the list who meet all criteria or just a few.

You can also collect data from visitors to specific pages or create a database based on the amount of time they spend on your site in the settings.

  1. Name the audience and give it a description. Click Create audience.

It can take several minutes to find an audience.

How to Create and Install Facebook Pixels on Instagram

A pixel is an HTML code that allows you to collect information about visitors to your site.

Copy the code manually.

Ecwid. OpenCart. Magento. There are more than 30 available. These integrations will take care of the code. You can send instructions to your engineer or another tech-savvy coworker.

They will pick a convenient way for them to install the code.

You need to copy and paste the code into the site header to set the pixel manually.

  1. Billing information adding;
  2. Add a product to your wish list
  3. Add a product to your cart
  4. Completed registration
  5. Contact – When the company establishes contact with the client via email.
  6. The client clicks the Check Out button to start the order. It allows customers to track those who haven’t completed the checkout process.
  7. Lead;
  8. Registration;
  9. Purchase;
  10. Trial period
  11. Search: Use the search function to find a product or service.
  12. Viewing content: This allows you to track visits to specific pages but no information about the actions taken on those pages.
  13. You can do so much more!

Instagram Retargeting: Best Practices

What makes retargeting campaigns so different from regular ads?

Your regular audience might not have heard of you. Retargeting campaigns have a higher CTR than regular campaigns and therefore cost less. You can only guess who your target audience will be when you set up an advertising campaign.

Retargeting is when we know how to reach the client. We can offer them a coupon code or a discount.

  1. After launching your regular campaigns or analyzing the statistics from completed campaigns, you can begin collecting data about your audience.

To increase sales, you can also collect the data of your customers separately.

Other factors are also helpful. Consider adding them to your ad creative.

NOTE: businessfig.com

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