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The Ultimate Guide To Conquer Top 10 Online Business Review Websites

Power Reviews has revealed that 97% of consumers check online reviews before buying a product to get additional insight. In fact, when it comes to purchasing decisions, every customer goes to the best online review platforms to satiate their curiosity about the products and their brand.

Over the past few years, customer reviews have gained such huge importance in businesses of all niches that one cannot deny it in any way. Business reviews are important because they provide potential customers with valuable information about a company’s products or services. Reviews can give insight into a company’s customer service, quality of goods, and overall reputation. And looking at its vast scope, businesses have started to showcase a review widget on their websites. For example, most service-based businesses embed Google reviews. 

But if you are still struggling with the review platforms to prioritize, we have prepared the list for you. This blog will walk you through the best review platforms and their importance as a business owner. So, follow us and thank us later.

Top 10 Online Business Review Websites To Keep A Tab On

Feedback on the best review platforms can greatly influence a consumer’s purchasing decision. Research has shown that many consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and many use online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Have a look at the list below so that you create a clear roadmap ahead.

1. Google Reviews:

Google, an omnipresent platform, opens the door of possibilities for many businesses for Feedback and Reviews. As a business owner, you only need a Google My Business account. Google Reviews is by far the most convenient platform for both parties.

2. Yelp Review:

Yelp is another great platform to check reviews of any business. Yelp founders knew that word-of-mouth marketing could work wonders for any business in the row. Therefore they created Yelp for the locals to trust their business around. So whether you are a restaurant business or a salon, you can embed Yelp reviews on websites. So that when your target audience visits your business, the Yelp reviews support their purchase intent.

3. Facebook Reviews:

Facebook Reviews are officially known as Facebook Recommendations. Facebook Reviews hold 19% of all customer reviews. This clarifies that people surf on the platform with some intent to purchase. If you are a business owner, you can ask your customers to leave a review on Facebook. Later, you can embed Facebook Reviews on websites for some social proof.

4. Airbnb Reviews:

Airbnb stands for Air Bed and Breakfast. It is a service that lets property owners rent out their property to travelers. As a property owner, you can embed Airbnb reviews on your website so that travelers do not have to worry about the safety and services of your property.

5. TripAdvisor:

Using Tripadvisor, you can easily plan your next trip, read reviews and get advice from other travelers. You can also find hotels with Good deals on Tripadvisor.

6. Better Business Bureau:

The BBB’s mission is to promote Marketplace trust. And being the best platform, it helps the customers to know the grading companies based on their trustworthiness and facilities when the consumer complains.

7. Angie’s List:

Angie’s List is also known as Angi. It is popularly known for having verified reviews for getting fair pricing for all your home projects & services.

8. Glassdoor:

Glassdoor is yet another great review platform for employers and employees. The employees can anonymously leave their reviews or feedback about the organizations they have been working with.

9. Foursquare:

The platform helps you tailor personalized recommendations of places to go based on the user’s current location.

10. Amazon Reviews: 

Amazon is yet another place to check the reviews and feedback on the product you want to purchase. However, this is not as effective when looking for services-based businesses.

Note that the popularity and relevance of these websites may vary by location and industry; these are some of the most popular and widely used review websites in the majority of the world.

Insane Reasons To Opt For Online Reviews On Best Review Platforms

The websites listed are considered the best online review platforms for businesses because they are some of the most popular and widely used review websites. Look at the handpicked and detailed reasons to pick the above-mentioned online review platforms.

  • High Visibility These websites have high Visibility and are often prominently featured in search engine results, giving businesses additional Visibility and helping to establish trust with potential customers.
  • Large User Base: They have a large user base, and many consumers use these websites to make purchasing decisions.
  • Trusted by Consumers: These websites are trusted by many consumers, and research has shown that a large majority of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Variety of industries: These websites cover a wide range of industries, from restaurants, hotels, retail, healthcare, and other services.
  • Easy to manage: These websites have an easy-to-use interface for business owners to manage their business listing, respond to reviews and track performance.

The Exact Steps To Get More Reviews For Your Business

Overall, the best online review websites for businesses are those with a large user base and high Visibility, are trusted by consumers, cover a wide range of industries and are easy to manage.

  • Respond to reviews: Responding to positive and negative reviews is important to managing a business’s online reputation. Responding to positive reviews shows appreciation for customers, and responding to negative reviews shows that a business cares about its customers’ concerns and is willing to address them.
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews: Encouraging customers to leave reviews is a good way to generate positive reviews and boost a business’s reputation. You can do this by providing excellent customer service, making it easy for customers to leave reviews, and offering incentives for leaving.
  • Embed review widget on website: A review widget on a website helps you create a bandwagon effect among your target and existing audience. When they see you value their opinion and showcase on the brand’s website, other customers will also jump on the bandwagon to leave feedback for you on the best online review platforms.

By following these tips, businesses can effectively manage their online reputation and take advantage of the many benefits online reviews can provide.

In A Nutshell,

We are sure now that you know online reviews on the best online review platforms can also impact a business’s Visibility and search engine ranking. Positive reviews on popular review websites can help a business’s website rank higher in search engine results, making it more likely for potential customers to find it.

Once you have enough reviews on different platforms, you can showcase them on your website effortlessly. You can go ahead with opting to add Google review widget, or you can also embed Yelp reviews on your website. The sky is your limit!

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