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The Ultimate Guide About Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada

Canada is one of the few countries that allow international students to return after completing their education, which is fantastic news. In truth, Canada’s higher education system encourages students to seek jobs and remain in the country after graduation, as the study canada job consultancy allows. After graduating from a Canadian institution, international students are awarded post-graduation work permits (PGWPs), which allow them to work for any business in Canada.

PGWPs allow you to work full-time, part-time, or as an independent consultant. With a PGWP, you can stay in Canada for up to three years and then apply to become a permanent resident. The world-class education system in Canada paves the way for solid employment, greater salaries, and a high standard of living.

Facts About PGWP

PGWP can be valid for eight months to three years.

PGWP is of the same duration as the applicant’s study term.

To qualify for a PGWP, 50 % of your study must be completed via in-person classes.

For part-time or accelerated programs, the PGWP is of the same duration as the program of study if completed full-time.

To be eligible for a PGWP, foreign nationals must be at least 18 years old and should have completed a full-time program of at least eight months in Canada at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Foreign nationals must apply for PGWP within 180 days after finishing their term of study.

How soon can you get a PGWP?

The processing time for a PGWP might range from 80 to 180 days. You can work in Canada while waiting for your PGWP, as long as you’ve applied before your student permit expires. Previously, post-graduation work permit applications had to be submitted only from within Canada, but that is no longer the case. After finishing your education, you can now apply for a Canada Job Visa from another country if you leave Canada. Additional paperwork may be asked if a PGWP application is filed from outside of Canada, depending on the visa office that will process the application. For more information about this topic, get advice from the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi.

SPECIAL CASES that make you eligible for PGWP

1. Accelerated Learning Programs

If you finish your study program in less time than the standard length, you may be eligible for a PGWP that covers the whole duration of your program.

2. Distance learning (from outside of Canada)

Until August 31, 2022, you can complete up to 100% of your studies online from outside Canada due to a temporary COVID-19 policy. Until August 31, 2022, the policy will be in force. To be eligible for this limited-time policy, you had to have been outside Canada in March 2020 and already be enrolled in a PGWP-qualified program with a start date between spring 2020 and summer 2022 and be able to attend online classes. Furthermore, before commencing your course, you should have study authorization or approval for a study permit.

Time spent studying outside of Canada after August 31, 2022, or before applying for a study permit or taking a break from your studies or distance learning from within Canada has no impact on the length of your PGWP (with the exception of sessions scheduled online due to the pandemic).

3. Transfers between schools

If you transferred between Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) and your overall education lasted at least eight months, you should be eligible. If you transfer from a non-DLI to a DLI Institute, just the time spent studying at the DLI will be taken into account.

4. Canadian study programs with an abroad component

If your study program involves an overseas component and you receive credit for it from a Canadian institution, you may be eligible for a PGWP. It is only valid for the time you spent in Canada study.

If any of the following apply to you, you will not be eligible for a PGWP

your study permit has expired more than 180 days before you applied

you already have a PGWP

you received funding from Global Affairs Canada

you completed a study program in Canada at a Non-Canadian Institution

Make the most of your time in Canada with a Canada Job Visa and plan your route to permanent residency with the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Kochi.

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