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The Two Different Types of Gastric Balloon Placement Techniques on Which the Cost Depends In UK:

Losing weight is a long and tough process. Maintaining the diet advised by the dietician and regular exercise is not enough in certain cases. Weight loss surgeries or as per the medical terminology, bariatric surgeries are operations that are performed on people with a body mass index of 35 and above. But they are not non-evasive. If you want to get your additional fat layers removed without any surgery, a gastric balloon could be your ideal match.

A rather newer term, intragastric balloons are placed inside your stomach which in turn reduces the appetite and thereby the total food consumed by the individual. These balloons do a brilliant job of making you feel that your stomach is somewhat filled even when they are empty and thus decrease the quantity of food you consume on a regular basis. 

If you search gastric balloon near me on the internet, most of the options that are going to pop up on your search are usually safe and do not have any major or concerning side effects. That being said if you are interested in losing by taking the help of gastric balloons acros the UK, you need to have a clear idea about the different techniques that are implemented for positioning the balloon.  

What Are The Different Techniques Or Methodology Implemented For Placing the Intergastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon can be places in the stomach either through endoscopy or without the procedure. Nowadays, even adjustable balloons are available in the market. Gastric balloon costs in UK as well as in other countries of Europe, is estimated to be around 3000 pounds. And there are three parts to the process, pr-operative care, post operative care and the operation itself.  The different techniques implemented are as follows.

Endoscopic Intergastric Balloons:

Endoscopy is the process of taking a peek inside the human body. For solving wounds, injuries and issues with the internal organs or simply checking up on their health, endoscopy is extensively used. Endoscopic gastric balloons take the help of this procedure for their positioning. No surgery is required and the balloon is usually placed for a span of 6 months. Proper counselling, and a nutrition filled diet as per the doctor’s recommendation and regular checkups are an integral part of this weight loss technique. 

Non-Endoscopic Intergastric Balloons:

Non endoscopic intergastric balloons do not even require endoscopy which makes it a better alternative, particularly for those who are wary of scissors and needles! The balloon reaches the stomach through the food pipe, after being swallowed in the pill form. Once the capsule reaches the stomach, it is then filled with saline and made larger to reach the optimum size. Usually placed for a span of 4 to 6 months, the balloon automatically gets removed through natural methods once the treatment is completed. 

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