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The Top Three Restaurants in Heraklion, Crete, Worth Visiting

Welcome to Heraklion! If you’re looking into some tips about delicious Cretan cuisine, you’re in the right place. Here’s a guide of the top three restaurants in the city center of Heraklion by Carac rent a car in Heraklion Team. Each one of them offers a unique experience that will make your visit unforgettable.

1. Peskesi – Traditional Cuisine

Peskesi is located in the heart of Heraklion, it’s a little gem dedicated to revive Cretan traditional cooking with a modern twist. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. The dishes are prepared with locally sourced ingredients, mostly organic, using traditional practices. If you ever pass by Peskesi you should try the “Lamb with Stamnagathi,” it’s a slow-cooked dish with lamb that melts in your mouth, with wild Cretan green stamnagathi and herbs that imprint the flavors of Crete.

2. Ipokampos – Seafood

Ipokampos is a seafood restaurant located at the port of Heraklion. It has a very nice view of the Venetian fortress of Koules, and it’s perfect for those who enjoy eating by the sea. Ipokampos is suitable during winter or summer because it offers both indoor and outdoor options. Ipokampos is famous for its fresh fish and seafood dishes, the excellent and friendly service, facts that lead to a pleasant dining experience. Once here, you should try the “Grilled Octopus.” Grilled perfectly, served with a splash of Cretan virgin olive oil and oregano. This dish is loved by the locals as it captures the essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

3. Kastella – modern Cretan cuisine

Kastella is a modern yet traditional restaurant in Heraklion. Its menu combines international and Greek traditions. The restaurant’s interior is warm and vivid, which creates a nice atmosphere for a night out. Kastella has top quality food and every dish is prepared with passion. Should you try the “Moussaka with a Twist”. It’s a lighter gourmet version of a traditional Greek dish. Moussaka has sweet potatoes, zucchini, aubergines, and creamy béchamel sauce at the top.

Choosing one of these three restaurants will give you a nice dining experience of Heraklion’s cuisine. Whether you like traditional dishes, fresh seafood, or modern cuisine, these choices will give you some memories to share in the future.

Extra tip:

Since you appreciate fine drinks, I’d recommend trying a glass of our local Cretan raki. It’s a traditional spirit that embodies the essence of Crete and pairs with our traditional dishes, or you could enhance your meal with a glass of our local wines, Crete has a superb selection of white wines that pairs beautifully fresh fish dishes. My favorite to recommend is Chardonnay Douloufakis. It’s dry and fruity, which makes it a great choice for fresh fish and white meat dishes.

Carac car hire in Crete offers efficient and affordable rental services for your adventure. We’re committed to making your Crete stay with your family, partner, or friends memorable. Reach out to us and rent a car in Crete today.

We hope you enjoy your visit in Crete – Carac Rentals Team.

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