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The top five things home inspectors look for

The Home Inspector Miami we interviewed agree that there are a few things that top their list of importance when it comes to home safety and performance.


The foundation is the workhorse of a house. It has to support the home’s structure (frame, drywall, everything up to the roof), furnishings, and most importantly, its occupants. Foundation issues are often a deal-breaker for buyers because the repairs can be costly.

What inspectors look for

Inspectors will typically walk the perimeter of the home looking for settlement problems, cracks, and sloping. If there’s a crawl space, it will get a good once-over for moisture, mold, and warping that could affect the integrity of wood supports. If the foundation’s been repaired previously, the inspector will check the workmanship on that, too.

“Water penetration is probably one of the biggest concerns, because that can lead to foundation settlement that can lead to — if you’re on a crawlspace — rot, decay, gray mold, and termite activity,” says Wetzel.


Roof quality and performance can also make or break a house deal. You’ll often hear concerned family members ask about the age of the roof in a home sale.

A roof protects a home from outdoor temperatures, wind, rain, and snow. A high-performing roof keeps a home well-insulated while providing good ventilation to maintain interior air quality. It’s also very expensive to replace.

What inspectors look for

Many inspectors will climb up on the roof for a visual inspection, while others may evaluate the roof from a ladder. In inclement weather conditions, an inspector might need to use binoculars and inspect the roof from the ground.

Inspectors look for leaks, damaged or missing shingles or tiles, and moss growth. Flashing, gutters, vents, proper attic ventilation, and skylights are also included in their review.


Is there anything worse than a leak? If left untreated, water problems have a domino effect and can create serious issues in a home. Nothing drains a savings account quite like a pervasive water problem. It can affect the foundation, walls, floor, and subfloor — pretty much everything that could result in a 

What inspectors look for

The Home Inspection Miami FL will include anything that’s affected by water flow — piping, showers, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, toilets, and spigots. Inspectors will check for leaking, corroding, and cracked pipes, in addition to evidence of any DIY work and repairs.

They’ll have a look at walls, flooring, and ceilings for evidence of moisture, and they will also check for cross-connection or contamination issues.

Electrical systems

Assessing a home’s safety is top of mind for a home inspector Miami , and electrical issues can pose a serious risk if neglected. This is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening outcome of overlooked electrical problems.

What inspectors look for

During an inspection, the electrical panel gets evaluated from top to bottom to ensure everything’s up to code with correct wiring and grounding. The inspector will also look for corroded wires and proper amperage ratings.

Switches and receptacles must operate properly, and ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets should be installed in most rooms to prevent injury and electrocution.

HVAC system

You’re probably going to want to know if your home’s systems can heat, cool, and ventilate the interior efficiently and reliably. Note that the home inspection won’t cover every detail, so if you suspect the unit is older and needs a closer examination, you’ll want a HVAC vendor to conduct a more thorough evaluation.

What inspectors look for

Usually one of the first things an inspector will do during the appointment is turn on the heater and air conditioner to make sure both function properly. They’ll typically let the system run throughout the inspection to check the thermostat, too.

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