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The sport of the 21st century: e-sports

Those considered e-sports are virtual video game competitions. Their growth is exponential and they move more and more followers. It is the new sport of this century.

E –  sports are already one of the broadcasts that bring together the largest number of fans. These competitions allow the best video game players to enjoy and get millions of people hooked.

It is a phenomenon that began in Asia but has reached Spain and in which the best participants can pocket large amounts of money. We analyze in detail this new phenomenon, which many describe as the great sport of the 21st century.

What is e-sports

E – sports or electronic sports are an official video game sports competition. The best players come together to play online or face-to-face championships that are followed by a large number of participants. Electronic games have become a real event.

Some of the most outstanding gamers have signed sponsorships with leading companies and have thousands of followers on their YouTube channels. There are even some American universities that have integrated them into their “sports” scholarship program and in which promising players who want to become professionals are trained.

Can e-sports really be considered a sport?

Although video games were recently seen as entertainment for children, the most outstanding players have become professional and have a legion of fans behind them. There are teams, leagues, tournaments and referees that ensure the impartiality of the competition. In the big live events, stadiums can be filled and there are well-known announcers to broadcast the event.

Some people consider that e-sports cannot be considered sports as they do not involve a large physical component. However, the doses of concentration and their ability to show make them similar to other world-renowned disciplines such as chess. The big e-sports teams have coaches dedicated to getting the best out of their pupils and even signings are made, something that also takes place in other popular competitions such as football or basketball

Economic figures that move this type of sports

Although e-sports is a fairly recent phenomenon , its ability to generate financial gains is similar to other major events. According to a study by Newzoo almost 50 million people in Europe and the United States follow electronic sports. To this figure should be added the Asian continent, its main market. These numbers and the progressive growth that the discipline is having make some experts venture to indicate that in five years they could reach the income obtained by the Champions League.

What should a video game have to be part of e-sports

Not all video games can be considered as e-sports . For a program to fall within this designation, it must meet a series of characteristics :

  • It has to allow the confrontation between two or more players in equal conditions, so the victory will be determined according to the skill of each user.
  • Existence of official competitions in which universal rules are determined.
  • Support of fans who play and follow the broadcasts of the game.
  • Ability to exploit an advertising market .
  • Although it is not an explicit rule, it is intended that the video games of the e-sports competitions be free to allow everyone to know how they work and to participate in the battles.


There is a series of video games that are considered e-sports. Among the most popular are League of Legends, StarCraft or Dota, which in 2018 has become the e-sport with the most viewers. In the shooting section, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty dominate . Hearthstone, Street Fighter, Smash Bros are other creations that gather a large number of followers, like World of Tanks and FIFA.

E-sports are the new sport of the 21st century. Each time they have a greater number of followers and a growing acceptance. It is for this reason that many experts consider them a great option in the future of sports competitions. To be able to stand out in this type of event you need mental agility, skill and hours of entertainment. Although only the most talented people manage to make a professional living from this discipline, everyone can have fun with video games.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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