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The Rise of Vertical Developments in Pakistan – Embracing New Real Estate Trends

Real estate is a sector that is responsible for both the structural and economic progression of a country. It is also necessary for the development of a healthy city landscape and for making a country look aesthetically pleasing.

Vertical developments have been the recent talk of the town and that too for all the good reasons. Such establishments are not only the need of the hour but are also proof that Pakistan is ready to embrace new things, the best example of this is in Royal Orchard Multan.

What were the Challenges Faced by Horizontal Developments?

There is no denying the fact that horizontal development was always the go-to real estate option mainly in Pakistan. A rather outdated approach, here is how those sorts of developments are affecting the real estate horizons.

Outward City Expansion

One of the biggest challenges of traditional real estate is that the cities are suffering from the burden of overpopulation. More and more people are migrating to the cities in search of better health, education, and residential opportunities. But constant reliance on traditional and horizontal real estate is leading to the outward expansion of cities – this phenomenon is known as urban sprawl.

Urban sprawl is dangerous for cities because it just leads to real estate-consuming cities and nothing more. That is what leads to resource deterioration and environmental degradation. It also promotes increased and enhanced commute options. Adding more pollution to the environment.

Poor Land Usage

This one has to be the most insane issue with horizontal real estate developments. They consume a lot of land. They end up engulfing a wide area without catering to the needs of the remaining land. This poor land use will lead to the expansion of the area to cater to more land so that other facilities can also be provided. Furthermore, the placement of the facilities at a commutable distance just only adds to the travel costs. All of this hints at an elevated cost which creates huge differences from the intended budget.

Traditional Real Estate Tactics

Horizontal real estate is the trademark of traditional real estate methods. Back in the day, the main focus was only on the way a building looks and architects were not used to incorporating the element of sustainability in the main content. This sheer ignorance resulted in the creation of buildings that were pretty to look at but were not eco–friendly.

What are the Perks of Vertical Real Estate?

Given below are some of the most inspiring benefits of vertical real estate and its advances in a country like Pakistan. Not only Lahore and Karachi but the recently announced real estate venture in Multan such as Hateem City Multan is also embracing the concept of vertical real estate. This has inadvertently increased the hype for residential and commercial real estate in Pakistan.

Let us what and how are the changes that happen because of vertical real estate:

Optimized Land Use

One of the biggest challenges that was faced by the traditional methods of real estate was inefficient land use. People would develop horizontally wide landscapes which were detrimental to the space and especially in those areas which were suffering from limited space. The biggest perk of vertical development is that they offer large accommodations even in small and limited spaces.

This leads the cities to breathe so that land management does not have to rely on agricultural land to accommodate the burden of the population.

Modern Real Estate Methods

Embracing the trends of vertical development is a crucial thing and is paving the way for modern trends. The ways of the world are changing and people need to open their eyes to ensure that they have an idea of how less can be more and how things can take a turn for the better by just amending the right things at the right time.

Enhanced Infrastructure

Vertical developments are not just a way to ensure the ease of land usage or the better usage of land. It is a way to enhance the appeal and increase the charm of the space in one way or another. For instance, these sorts of developments ensure that provided landscape is being utilized to its full potential and that the other sectors such as:

  • Transportation Networks
  • Water and Sanitation System
  • Energy Resources

All will be in the desired place. This is mainly because when you are restricting all the infrastructure into a condensed place you do not have to spend a lot of money on expanding architecture to support the supply of the aforementioned stuff to the place. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

The Bottom Line!

With the aforementioned text, it is clear as day that vertical developments are the recent and most sustainable solution to the modern-day real estate problems.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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