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The Power of Photovoltaics on the Real Estate Market

Carrying out Solar energy in Pakistan efficiency works to reduce the bill and protect the environment is an excellent investment to gain comfort and increase the value of your property.

Among the works that can be carried out, there is also the installation of a photovoltaic system , precisely because it increases the value of your home and the real estate value when you want to put it up for sale.

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Can a photovoltaic system increase the value of your home?

In the United States, several studies have already demonstrated the link between installing solar panels and increasing the value of your home.

According to a survey by Berkeley Lab, houses equipped with a photovoltaic system allow you to earn more in the event of a sale.

While this added value varies from country to country, it is usually equivalent to the purchase price of the solar panels.

Another study from Zillow, published in 2019, confirms that photovoltaic systems increase the value of a home by as much as 4.1 percent.

And in Italy? Even in our country, solar panels increase the value of our home! To find out more, we need to calculate the green value of the property.

What is the green value of a house?

By definition, the green value is the increase in value generated by the better energy and environmental performance of a property compared to another with the same characteristics.

In other words, it is the added value achieved thanks to the work of making the energy performance of a home more efficient.

But how is energy performance measured? Through energy diagnosis, i.e. the set of all the investigations that are carried out on a building to evaluate where and how energy is consumed. Thanks to this audit, it is possible to precisely verify the quantity and quality of the energy used for our users.

Through this analysis you can find out the energy efficiency of your home. This is measured using a scale ranging from A to G for the most energy-efficient and most energy-intensive goods, respectively.

The main objectives of this analysis are:

  • Evaluate the consumption of the property
  • Define what are the possible energy requalification interventions, including works aimed at improving the insulation of the house, the installation of photovoltaic panels, works to improve ventilation, or the replacement of the domestic water heating system
  • Analyze and optimize property management expenses

The impact of green value on the value of your home

As we have mentioned, installing a photovoltaic system can improve the energy performance of your home. As a result, solar modules contribute to the increase in green value.

But what is the impact that the green value of your home has on the sale price? It could be said that the new selling price is derived from the formula:

Sale price = real estate value + green value , where the real estate value is determined by all those factors not related to energy performance (location, surface area, building quality, etc.).

Although the price is higher, in our country class A and B houses are sold more easily than houses with a lower energy class. This can be seen above all in the larger cities, such as Milan and Rome, where contracts for high energy efficiency classes close in a few days.

Photovoltaics and the value of your property

Nowadays many people are more and more aware of climate change, and many of the buyers, when they become aware of the presence of solar modules on the roof of the building, are more inclined towards buying it. In addition to this there are other positive aspects to take into consideration, such as:

  1. No negotiating the price of the property – very often, if a house has a photovoltaic system, buyers are more difficult to negotiate the asking price. In other words, you will most likely be able to sell your property at the agreed price.
  2. Your property is highlighted – we have seen how buyers are particularly sensitive to systems that produce renewable energy. For this reason, real estate agents almost always highlight this value when they show your home to the potential buyer.
  3. The house complies with the new technical regulations – the Ministry of Economic Development has implemented an action plan to increase the number of almost zero-energy buildings, i.e. with low environmental impact.

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