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The Medical Cannabis Association of Texas

The Medical Cannabis Association of Texas (MCAT) is a group of advocates for the state’s medical marijuana industry. Its mission is to help patients and medical professionals find relief from the symptoms of certain conditions. Its members include companies such as Alamo CBD and Indoor Harvest. In the last few months, the group has filed three demand letters with the state’s Department of Public Safety, seeking a hearing. These companies plan to build state-of-the-art facilities in Texas to cultivate low-THC marijuana.

The TCUP was originally passed by state lawmakers in 2015 to provide relief for patients with epilepsy. It capped THC concentration at 0.5% and required two physician recommendations. In 2021, the TCUP was expanded twice, adding nine qualifying conditions and raising the THC cap to 1%. Currently, only two licensed dispensing organizations operate in the state, but that number will likely grow each year. The medical marijuana industry in Texas will not thrive with its small population.

The TCUP bill must be approved by both chambers of the Texas Legislature. It is a complicated piece of legislation, and the Senate has not yet passed the bill. The bill would also create a research program for medical cannabis and expand eligibility. Although this bill is far from being passed, it contains important elements for patients who need to access it. The Texas Medical Cannabis Association is advocating for the bill to become law. The bill should be passed by both chambers of the legislature in order to make it as effective as possible.

CANNRA members are state regulatory agencies and local municipalities. Local county regulatory agencies are encouraged to join CANNRA as members. However, non-governmental organizations are not eligible to join. Membership in CANNRA provides members with educational resources, peer development events, and an association newsletter. Members are better informed and less likely to make mistakes, which can be costly. The association also hosts webinars by subject matter experts. The newsletter is a valuable resource for members as they track the latest developments in the industry.

Despite widespread opposition to the policy, the state has already passed several Texas medical cannabis laws allowing patients to use medical marijuana oil. Governor Abbott has enacted the Texas Compassionate Use Act, which allows companies to grow cannabis and transform it into CBD oil. With two doctor’s recommendations, epilepsy patients can purchase cannabis oil for pain relief. It can also be sold to patients with a prescription from a doctor. It can also help with other conditions, such as cancer and chronic pain.

In September 2021, post-traumatic stress disorder will also be included on the list of conditions approved for medical marijuana. Many of these conditions involve chronic pain, and medical marijuana is a great way to reduce this and improve your life. In fact, the medical marijuana association of Texas is working on expanding the list of qualifying conditions. The goal is to ensure that all patients can access the medicine they need. The organization works with doctors to ensure that the medical marijuana law is enforced and that patients’ needs are met. Get in touch with THCMDTELEMED for medical marijuana telehealth.

For qualifying patients, the process for getting a medical marijuana card in Texas is similar to other medical states. A physician must certify a patient for the program and enter them into the Texas medical cannabis registry. Once the physician has given his or her approval, patients can visit a licensed dispensary or pharmacy. If the state does not have a licensed physician near them, patients can request an appointment online. Patients can also purchase medical cannabis products through telemedicine.

In the meantime, the Texas Legislature approved the medical marijuana industry in 2015. The Compassionate Use Act signed by Governor Greg Abbott two years ago mandated the licensing of three companies to cultivate low-THC cannabis for the state’s medical cannabis patients. The DPS granted the first three licenses on condition that the products are low-THC and safe for patients suffering from intractable epilepsy. But critics fear that the law won’t be implemented as intended.

The DSHS says many of the CBD products on the market are unsafe. The MCAT is lobbying against this action, and we agree with them. We need to make sure that consumers are buying only top-quality CBD to gain medical benefits. Currently, CBD is a case of buyer beware, although many have been independently verified by labs. This situation is changing quickly, so it is important to understand the legal process.

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