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The Internet As The Biggest Computer Network

It is no secret that in the world as it is now, every activity involves a computing device. Just think about it; when you need to tell someone something, you message them through digital means. Alongside, in the case that you need to keep up with what has been happening in the world the best option you will have is to again use a computing device. In another scenario, you will also be able to get the advantage of a computing device if you need a calculation done. 

Basically, computing devices are prevalent in the world in a countless number of manners. When something is so prevalent, it is bound to be discussed by us a lot. One of the most significant ways in which they are discussed is in their impact on people of different ages. Another way they are discussed is in the form of computer networks. In the case that you like to talk about the networks between computing devices as well, there is no better place for you to be than here! We say this with so much confidence knowing that in this piece we will be discussing in detail the different ways in which the internet can be categorized as the largest network in the world.

However, first, we need to figure out one very important thing – whether the global network we all call the internet can indeed be categorized as a network. 

Can The Internet Be Categorized As A Network?

This is going to be a lesson on the semantics related to the internet. After all, we are trying to figure out whether something can be categorized as another phenomenon. Thus, we need to be able to clearly define the boundaries of the two phenomena. 

Computer networks can be categorized as any connection between two or more computers that facilitates the exchange of information from one computer to another. Networks can be as small as personal area networks (PANs) that are a collection of a single computer with a bunch of other accessories such as printers. They can also be as large as well the internet as we will be proving in this article. 

Now that we have discussed computer networks, we may now proceed to discuss what is generally meant by the term internet. The internet is a phenomenon that manifests itself in a variety of ways. All the websites that you visit on the internet, all the answers to the voice searches you make through Alexa, and also all the messages you get on instant messaging apps are all related to the internet. The internet consists of a lot of applications. By far, the biggest application the internet consists of is the World Wide Web. Created by a person also named the founder of HTML code – Sir Tim-Berners Lee, the World Wide Web has grown to become as large as tens of billions of web pages! The internet should be considered one of the best in the world. You may be wondering how something as essential as the internet is distributed to people’s homes. The answer is: through Internet service providers such as Comcast Internet! You can call Xfinity customer service to find out more about the internet’s distribution. 

From all of the above, it can be seen that the internet is indeed a network – albeit a large one. Now it is time for us to explore what we promised in the topic. Why the internet is considered the largest computer network?!


In terms of the population, the internet is the largest network as no network serves as many people as the internet does. Currently, there are as many as five billion people connected to the internet.

Number of Devices Connected

The number of devices connected to the internet also makes the internet the largest computer network. According to many estimates, there are as many as 35 billion devices connected to the internet.  

Geographical Presence

There is no way there is going to be a bigger deal than not in deciphering what has been going on with the world. For example, there will be more people arguing for one thing or another.


This is it for now. There are more things that will likely be happening for more than one reason or the other. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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