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The importance of hiring a book designer

A book cover gives the first impression to your audience. The book cover design communicates the genre of your book and highlights the story’s tone. Therefore, you need to create a good book cover design so that it may capture the attention of the readers. If you decide to pursue traditional publishing of your book by using a publisher, the publishing company can usually utilize an in-house book designer to create your book cover design. 

But if you decide to self-publish your book, it’s crucial to consider finding a professional book designer. A book designer has the experience using the software required to create book covers that look professional and attracts readers. A good children’s book designer can also assist you to create the typography and graphic that best portray the content and style of your book. Working with a book designer also saves you time while working to get the book ready for publishing. This article discusses the importance of hiring a book designer.   

Understanding a book designer

The purpose of your book cover is simply to capture the attention of the readers. A book designer creates fonts and graphics to enable readers to purchase your book. This makes a book design an important visual for the book promotion. You need to understand the role of book designers so that you can make the right budget and marketing plan. 

By now you may be wondering if there is a difference between a book designer and a book cover designer. Well, a book cover designer usually creates the layout and graphics for the front cover, back cover, and spine of your book. A book cover designer works on almost everything associated with the outside cover of your book. This includes the font of your title, artwork on the cover, and the story’s summary on the back. A book cover designer can also assist in designing the book’s exterior. 

On the other hand, book designers also design book covers, but they tend to do more than simply typography and cover design. A book designer works on the whole physical appearance of the book. This can include designing the book’s interior and exterior. Therefore, a book designer outlines the layout and font of the text of your book and chooses the type of paper to use for your book.

Different styles of paper can sometimes fit well with the theme of your book, though this depends on your book’s setting. For instance, if you intend to write a historical fiction novel that was set decades ago, then a book designer can decide to use paper that is ripped around the edges and slightly discolored.

The appearance and feel of your book need to contribute to the reading experience of your audience. It’s the job of a book designer to ensure that the book’s physical appearance reflects the theme of the story.

What a book designer can do for you

A book designer can usually have a graphic design background or some form of art. Many book designers out there have a university degree in art or graphic design and know how to utilize various types of editing and design software. 

Book designers who didn’t specifically pursue art can have a portfolio showing their previous projects. You should always check a book designer’s portfolio to see the style of their work and experience. 

Besides, most book designers can have a marketing background. Because a book cover is a key marketing tool for generating book sales, some book designers may work with you when it comes to developing a marketing strategy for the book cover.

A book designer can also have a good understanding of how the publishing sector works. For new self-published writers, you need to find a good book designer who understands this industry so that they can assist in creating a book that looks professional.

You can decide to pay a book designer hourly or a salary. A book designer who works with publishing companies or marketing firms is often a salaried employee. But freelance book designers are usually paid on a per-project basis. Therefore, this depends on the publishing route you want to take, which can be the self-publishing route or the traditional route. 

Once you acquire the services of a book designer for your print book or an e-book, they can look at the design elements for the interior layout of your book. A book designer can format the chapter headings, page numbers, margins, and footers.

The truth is that the interior content of your book needs to follow the traditional standard of title page, dedication, copyright page, table of contents, acknowledgment, and many more. They can also include additional elements, such as prologues, book reviews, and epilogues.

It’s worth noting that the interior layout of an e-book tends to be simpler than a print book. Because an e-book looks differently among many readers, book designers often maintain simple typography and graphics. The reflowable design allows the contents of the book to adapt well to different readers.  

A good book design creatively and accurately formats both the book’s interior and exterior. Depending on whether a designer is working on a printed book or an e-book, the timeline can vary. 

If you want a book designer to work on the interior layout and book cover of an e-book, then it may take a week or a couple of weeks, though it depends on the design complexity and the page number.

But the book design for a print book can usually take a few weeks or even months depending on the book designer and the book. A print book is generally more complex when it comes to designing it than an e-book because it has extra book design elements.

In conclusion, it’s a good idea to find a book designer who works in your book’s genre. The genre of your book plays a huge role in determining the graphics and color scheme for the cover design. If you choose a book designer who doesn’t deal with the book’s genre, the graphic may fail to fit the tone of your book. Also, the potential book designer must have enough experience. Such a designer knows how the publishing industry works.

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