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The Four Ways To Insert Emoji In Google Docs

Aren’t you going to roll your eyes if you get asked to insert emojis in Google docs? No? Who does not like to plug his text messages with cute, little yet expressive emojis? At least not us. However, they are informal forms of communication. Still, they do not stay back in turning a simple or serious-looking text into something exciting or more intriguing. Sometimes, they appear so helpful that you don’t have to type to show your feelings. Just touch on the smiley symbol; select from the opened-up lists and touch the one that appeals to you. Aha! There you go. No mindful contemplation of words. Easy and quick!

This guide is all about how to cast emoji spells and brighten up your dull spreadsheets and presentations. You will get to select from a number of them to settle on the best that suits you, your mood or your documents.

 Now without further ado, let’s start learning how to implement them in Google docs and fill them with a festive air.

The Remarkable Four Ways to Insert Emoji in Google Docs

The bunch of different ways to add emotion-invoking emojis are as follows:

  1. The Cursor Case 

Suppose you work on a document loaded with monotonous black-coloured text against a white background. Now, you need to spice it up with tiny faces.

There are several paragraphs. In a way, the first one describes a tiresome journey. The following is stuffed with details of events and entertainment you enjoyed. And the two subsequent ones are related to your yummy food experience and a mishap of your camera’s battery dying down. And you became so irritated that you couldn’t be able to capture the sunset moment.

Imagine how dry and colourless your document will look, just like some dull and usual law writings or assignments. Well, what you can do about it is follow the cursor case technique.

  • Open up your writing piece.
  • Put the cursor where you want the insert emoji to appear. Such as, you wrote food was yummy. Hence after yummy, you put the cursor.
  • Then go to the ‘Insert’ option and select the ‘emoji’ from the drop-down list.
  • A dialogue box will appear with neatly arranged faces. Now find the one that depicts or goes with yummy. You need to scroll down until you find the pertinent one.
  • How about the one with the tongue sticking out at one side? Hmm. This one clearly expresses tastiness.
  • Click on it, and it will automatically get placed at your earlier cursor location where you desired your emoji to appear.

You may follow the same steps with other relevant tiny faces or symbols as you like for other paragraphs.

  • The Search Function

The Second way is pretty simple, as it requires searching. Fear not. It won’t need extensive searching as you did for your find the best partner to seek assignment help in UK. That one is exhaustive! This one is relatively straightforward.

  • Once again, place your cursor wherever you want a little cuteness.
  • Go to the insert option above next to ‘view’ or between the ‘view’ and ‘format’ options.
  • Without hesitation, left-click on ‘emoji’, and again, a dialogue box will pop up.
  • This time you need a finger-pointing emoji directed downwards. Thus instead of scrolling, type down, and all symbols showing down-ness of any kind will get sorted out below.
  • Find the perfect one and click on it, and there you go! The downward pointing finger is self-explaining.
  • Draw and Choose

This method is the best of all. This option saves a lot of time and frees one from the hecticness of scanning one’s eyes through myriads of symbols and characters. Therefore the steps for this one are as follows:

  • Once again, go to ‘insert.’
  • Then opt for ‘special characters’ this time.
  • A small window of special characters will appear but will be divided into two sections. The left section will have a grid with each box containing a character; in the right area, there will be a drawing option. Move toward the right portion.
  • Draw whatever symbol you need through your mouse or trackpad; it will get sorted out from the grid left for you. The sorted character will be in the left section.
  • Then you can quickly click on it and put it in its respective place in your writing piece.
  • Copy-Paste Method 

If you are unsure what would be the best possible meaningful emoji, this method is for you. You can visit any emoji site, look for pertinent information, read its meaning, and feel confident. Then follow the below three easy instructions.

  • Find the most interesting yet related character that catches your attention on the respective website.
  • There will be a tiny rectangle signifying the ‘copy’ option beside the symbol.
  • Click on copy
  • Come to your google docs and select the ‘edit’ option, which resides right beside ‘file.’
  • From the edit drop-down list, go for paste, and there it is. The emoji is loaded where the cursor was initially placed.

Wasn’t searching for your desired facial emotions symbols immensely easier than looking for ‘do my assignment’ help? Quite much, yeah?! Then what’s stopping you? Start injecting life into your eye-weary content and see the magic.

The Worry that Often Pops OUT!

You can argue, confiding, “Yeah! But that will look rather unprofessional!” Moreover, you can even avow reasonably that. “How about someone took another meaning of the emoji other than what we wish to convey?” These are rational points. However, the brief answer is as far as professionalism is concerned, then don’t worry. They will dispense positivity. And if you’re edgy about meaning, go through the reference manual of emojis before adding any.

How about if our tedious work gets to look so appealing and fascinating? Won’t it stir excitement in you while working? Or, at the very least, engage you to work a bit degree over?

The world is changing. Even in organizations or companies, emojis have become acceptable and are frequently used in email etiquette. However, there comes a responsibility that the appropriate ones must be used and those which can be easily understood.

When Should We Avoid Using Emojis?

              Using these little digital creatures depends upon the company’s policy. However, while various organizations have different cultures, the usage often varies from workplace to workplace. However, there are certain situations when they should be avoided, no matter what! As their main motive is to promote light-heartedness and fun.

Certain situations include serious ones when someone is unfortunate. Then the individual needs your kind words rather than a simple emoji that is incomplete in expressing sadness. Also, when you must stick to professionalism, simple restrain yourself. Lastly, if you are supposed to communicate with the elderly or seniors, use words for emotions, as placing emojis might be disrespectful.


The addition of this facility in google docs is worth trying. It can make your assignments and presentation look more personal. However, it is necessary that you first get yourself familiarised with the system as emoji usage is still regarded with mixed feelings among different groups. Hence, it is good to collect information first to be on the safe side.

Furthermore, you can instantaneously insert the little musing factor in your piece using the earlier-mentioned ways. Overall, they produce a positive and lively effect. Social media lives on emojis. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp etc., none of them has restricted themselves from implementing this feature. Over time, more additions have been made to standard emoji sets.

Conclusively, it is an excellent piece of advice to be careful. Taking care while inserting cute digital faces is obligatory so that you do not end up explaining yourself because of your conduct.

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