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The Five Types of Electrical Services You Need for Your Home

A home without electricity services can be frustrating, but it’s even worse when you need these services and doesn’t know where to go to get them. If you’ve recently moved into a new home or if you’re simply looking to update your electrical services, consider hiring the right company to help you out with these tasks before something major goes wrong with your home wiring or devices. Here are the five main residential electrical services you will need in your home

Ceiling fans Installation

When it comes to ceiling fans, there’s more to choosing one than just your décor style. Each fan has a different CFM (cubic feet per minute), which measures how much air it can push around a room. Generally speaking, you want a fan that pushes enough air in your home so that you don’t need to run an A/C at full blast. Fan speeds also vary by model, with some running as high as 80 RPM and others as low as 60 RPM. All these ceiling fan installations are providing HQ Electrical and Air.

Power points Installation

When it comes to power points, don’t skimp out. Good quality power points can be crucial when it comes to your safety around electricity. A PowerPoint is not only needed in every room but also where a washing machine is located (for example). This will help prevent electrical fires and ensure a safe environment for you and your family. Be careful with second-rate power points or those that have been damaged over time, as these can be dangerous if left unchanged. HQ Electrical and Air is providing power point installation services at very good cost.

Smoke alarms Installation

A smoke alarm is a device that senses fire, commonly in an occupancy such as a building or home. It signals occupants by sounding a piercing sound and often gives a visual indication (in some countries) via a strobe light to improve chances of survival. Smoke alarms are extremely effective at saving lives; according to research provided by Underwriters Laboratories, one working smoke alarm can help prevent up to half of all fatal fires.

Switchboards Installation

There are two main kinds of switchboards: residential and commercial. Residential switchboards are usually installed by electricians and must meet Australian Standards AS 3000-2009. They vary depending on their size, but all installations should include a residual current device (RCD) to protect against electrical faults. These devices shut off power when an electrical fault occurs within a circuit or installation, to prevent injury or damage to wiring and electronic equipment in your home or office.

Lighting Installation

It’s not enough to just consider lighting design when it comes to home electrical services. It’s essential to ensure your lights are safe and working properly at all times, and that means having an inspection by a licensed electrician if you notice anything strange—such as flickering, a dimming light, or even sudden power loss. An electrician can diagnose problems with your wiring and find out if any components need replacing.

All of this electrical equipment was installed by HQ Electrical and Air. We have a team of skilled people who have experience in installing these devices at home and in commercial setups. We provide a wide range of electrical services in Perth.

For any kind of query, do contact us or visit our website.

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