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The Easiest Way to Find Local Comedians for Your Next Event

Comedy is such a universal force that no matter who you are, everyone can relate to it in some way. Everyone has experienced being nervous or excited, even those who haven’t expressed those emotions outwardly have probably felt them on occasion. Even if you don’t think you enjoy laughing for whatever reason, there’s almost always someone around you who will pass a funny comment or story from time to time. That’s why having an event that features comedians is not only so popular but also a great way to connect with your community. 

Not only will hosting a comedy night help get people together and loosen up their friends and family, it will also provide attendees with something to look forward to as the night progresses. However, in order for your next comedy event to be the best it can be and attract the most potential participants possible, you need to know where to find local comedians. Luckily for you, we’ve got some insider tips that will make sure your next comedy-themed event goes off without a hitch!

Find Comedians local to your town/city

First things first, if you’re looking to find local comedians, you first need to know where to look. It can be a little daunting, but social media is your friend. The easiest way to find comedians around your area is to simply search for them on Facebook. What you’re looking for here is their profile, then clicking the “View As” option and then seeing the “Other” tab. In that tab, you should see any public events they’ve listed in their calendar. If they’re not in your area, don’t worry as long as they’ve listed an event in their calendar, they are at least somewhat available in your area. If you don’t see any events listed, ask whoever you’ve gotten in contact with to see if they know any comedians in your area.

Make sure your event is on the comedians’ radar

Now that you’ve found a local comedian, the next thing you want to do is check their calendar to make sure they’re aware of your event. There’s quite a few ways to find this information, but the easiest being to send them a message on their Facebook wall. If you don’t get a response, try messaging other friends of theirs, but try to keep it brief and simple. If you don’t receive a response, you can always message the person who’s helping coordinate your comedy event to see if they can help you get through.

Create a great Facebook event and hashtag

The next thing you want to do is create an event on Facebook for your event. Make sure you customize the event as much as possible. For example, add a description, choose the type of event it is, the location, and the time. You can also add pictures, a description, and more to make your event as appealing as possible. When it comes to creating a great event on Facebook, make sure you add a description, add pictures, and choose a relevant hashtag. By choosing a relevant hashtag, you ensure that people know how to find your event and are more likely to attend. Now that your event is created and fully customized, the next thing you want to do is choose a Facebook ad. Facebook ads are free and easy to use, and you can choose from a variety of different ad types. The type you want to use is Audience Network Ads, which are for people who like Facebook and are more likely to be interested in your event. You can also choose a different ad type, but Audience Network Ads are the easiest to use and provide the best results. When it comes to choosing a date and time for your event, don’t be afraid to change it. Most comedians have a flexible schedule and will be more than happy to change their schedule to fit yours. This is especially true if your event is changing their schedule to accommodate yours.

Get people talking about your event

The most effective way to get people talking about your event is through word of mouth. You can do this in a few different ways. The easiest is simply by inviting friends to come to the event. This is especially helpful if you’ve been inviting friends to your event for a while and you want to try and get new people to come. Speaking of which, you can also invite people you’re not friends with on Facebook, even if they’re not local to you. You can also try tagging your friends in posts about the event and conversations about it, or even make it a rule for your group that everyone has to share the event and invite their friends to come. You can also try going to local coffee shops or businesses and inviting them to tell their customers about your event.

Bottom line

Finding local comedians can be daunting, but with a little research, it becomes a lot easier. It also helps to know where to look since not all comedians are created equally. Once you know where to find them, it’s just a matter of making a list and getting out there to find someone who will make you laugh. In order to host a successful event with local comedians, you first need to make sure they know about your event. This can be done by simply sending a message on their wall or finding an event in their Facebook calendar.

The next thing you want to do is create a great event on Facebook and choose a date and time that’s relevant to when the comedians will be performing. You also want to choose a date and time that’s not too far in advance so that you have time to get people excited about the event and get them to RSVP.

The most effective way to do this is by getting people talking about your event by inviting friends and posting about it on social media. Once people are talking about the event and getting excited, the comedians are likely to see those posts and realize how great they are and want to be a part of your event. Learn more…

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